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FNM: We played Legacy!

Our FNM format last night was Casual but we decided to see if we could get some folks to play Legacy. As luck would have it we had ten!

Of the ten people playing, five of us were playing legit Legacy decks. Of those, I know there was an Esper Stoneblade, Maverick, Oops All Spells, and Miracles. I am not sure what the other deck was. I suspect it was a Sneak and show deck though as I heard someone say something about Omniscience.

The rest of the field was a mixture or decks. I know of one person playing an Elves deck, there was a burn deck, and a Reanimator deck.

I was on everyone’s favorite deck, Miracles. I know, I know, you’re so jealous. <sarcasm>

Here is the list I play.



Round 1

Round 1 saw me playing against Endruin (follow him here!) – we seem to be playing each other a lot lately. Endruin took game one easily. He used a combination of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Spirit of the Labyrinth, and Wasteland to make it so I could do a whole lot of nothing.

I won game two with a well-timed Jace, the Mind Sculptor, that allowed me to put my Entreat the Angels back on top of my library.

Endruin took game three with an awesome sideboard play of Choke. My Tundras and Volcanic Islands were locked down. I was able to draw some basics but couldn’t get anything going.

Round 2

My next match was against a Burn deck piloted by Arlan. Unfortunately for him I got Counterbalance and Sensei’s Divining Top in play quickly and locked him out. I eventually drew Entreat and won.

Game two went much the same way.

It was a very quick 2-0 for me.

Round 3

Round three was against Schuyler who was playing Elves.

Our first game was a lot of fun. After keeping him off of most of his spells (Collected Company, etc.) with traditional Counterspell and Counter-Top, I used Jace’s Ultimate ability and took away his library. This put six cards in his library.

Schuyler had been playing aggressively to chip away at my life total. He had a lot of creatures in play which forced me to cast a Terminus for Miracle cost.

Unfortunately for me, this meant his 2 Shaman of the Pack went back in the library. He was able to cast them and finish the game.

Game two went to Schuyler again as I spent the majority of the game drawing land. I guess I didn’t shuffle well enough. I did my best to try and fix the situation by using my fetch lands and even casting two Ponder and shuffling my deck. Didn’t help though as I continued to draw land.

The event ended after the third round. So I ended up 1-2.

Am I disappointed? Nope, not at all. We rarely play Legacy so I don’t get a lot of time with my deck. I am confident if I got more playtime with it I would do a lot better. Sadly, we don’t play Legacy enough here in Wyoming to warrant spending a lot of time playtesting.

Next week Endruin, Zane, and I will be attempting to head to a PPTQ. If we make it, we will let you know how we do.

Do you enjoy playing Legacy? What’s your favorite deck? Let us know in the comments below.

Patrick Steam punkPatrick Cossel is the Publisher of The Forge Herald. He is a writer, gamer, father, husband, and Level 1 Magic Judge. Professionally he is the Operations Manager of a family-owned newspaper company. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com

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