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Gillette PPTQ – A look from the bottom

Saturday was quite the day as Zane, Nolan, and I packed up the car and headed to Gillette, Wyo. To play in a PPTQ. While Zane and I walked away with less than stellar records, Nolan managed to place in the top 8. You can read all about that here. As for me, I finished

One Night in Karazhan – The Menagerie

Hearthstone adventurers are one step closer to saving Medhiv as The Menagerie went live the week of Aug. 26. The Menagerie features three bosses all of whom award you with new cards for your collection when you defeat them. The Curator The first boss you face is The Curator. The Curator is a bit nasty

Weekend in…MTG: Merfolk, Modern PPTQ Gillette

Editor’s Note: The Forge Herald congratulates Nolan on his first PPTQ top 8. Way to go!! by Nolan “Endruin” LaMeres Hey there Forge Herald Fans! Sorry, no video game this week, there was a PPTQ in Gillette, Wyo.  this weekend at Dungeons & Dugouts.  We planned on going to this event about two weeks ago.

Review: Croak #1

New from Alterna Comics this week is the horror comic Croak #1. This new title for Alterna is written by Cody Andrew Sousa, with art by Francesco Iaqinta. Dezi Sienty did the lettering and design, Chris O’Halloran is the colorist and Dan Sheppard is credited as the editor. This is a horror comic and is

Review: The Labyrinth

by Jon Cates I was very excited when I learned that The Forge Herald had been gifted a copy of one of my favorite board games ever, Labyrinth! Now, despite the obvious “lack of David Bowie factor” – sorry kids – “The Amazing Labyrinth” (as is one of its monikers) is mighty awesome in its

One Night in Karazhan – The Opera House

The second wing of One Night in Karazhan is open! This means we have three new bosses to fight. In order to find out what has happened to Medivh you must first fight your way through Karazhan. For this part of the fight, you need to get through the Opera House. Julianne First up in

Weekend In: Star Wars – The Old Republic

by Nolan “Endruin” LaMeres Hey there Forge Herald Fans! So after a long week at work, I was ready to sit down and play some games, I started the week thinking I was going to check out Diablo 3’s new season, and then I realized I should take a break from Blizzard and try something

FNM: We played Legacy!

Our FNM format last night was Casual but we decided to see if we could get some folks to play Legacy. As luck would have it we had ten! Of the ten people playing, five of us were playing legit Legacy decks. Of those, I know there was an Esper Stoneblade, Maverick, Oops All Spells,

Conspiracy: Take the Crown – Planeswalkers, Reprints helping to build excitement

We are deep into spoiler season for Conspiracy: Take the Crown and, I must say, I am excited for this set. Already I am seeing some cards that have impact potential for Legacy and Commander. Plus, this set looks like it’s going to great for drafting. After all, that’s what it’s designed for. Let’s dive

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