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Archives for July 2016

Eldritch Moon unboxing video

Check out the unboxing Endruin did! Make sure to give it a like and subscribe to his channel.  

Game Review: Sushi Go

It was an evening of new games at The Forge Herald gaming center as we were introduced to Sushi Go. Sushi Go is a card-drafting game were the players are trying to build the most epic plate of sushi they can as the sushi trays go flying by. Sushi Go was released in 2013 by

Goblin 8-Whack (Budget)

I decided to take a look at a style of deck that I don’t normally play – that being aggro. I am, typically, a combo player. I love playing things like Ad Nauseam or Living End to win games. But, Zane suggested I try this deck out, so I did. Goblin 8-Whack (budget) I decided to

Review: Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat! 8

The was nothing about Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #8’s cover that made me think this book was going to be an entertaining read. Apparently, my memory is short lived, though, as I had forgotten about the issues with She-Hulk in the current Civil War II that is spreading across the Marvel universe. To be honest,

My Time Amongst the Humans

by Nolan LaMeres Editor’s Note As the sun sets on a standard sans Eldritch Moon, Nolan decided to reflect on his time with Humans during Shadows Over Innistrad. The start. I saw Always Watching and felt like it was going to be a great card, aggro and defense, what’s not to love. I saw some

DC Ignites fans with trailers at SDCC

DC Comics dropped a couple of trailers of their own at SDCC this weekend. Check out Justice League and wonder Woman!

Judge Tips – Split Cards

Split cards have longed caused confusion in Magic: The Gathering for both judges and players alike. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at these pesky cards. Split cards were first introduced in the Invasion block. It was picked back up in Dissension and again in Planar Chaos. When we got to the

Warmachines-The Tabletop Mini-War Game

I’ve been waiting to do this for a while, as I’m not all that great at this game, but I feel like I can put it off no longer. Warmachine (and it’s counterpart, Hordes) is a tabletop mini-war game that some people may refer to as Warhammer 40K-lite. If you are like me and just don’t

Where have all the good (dead) men gone?

Our last session proved fruitful for the party, at least in information. Right as they were finishing up their battle with the vampire-esk creatures from before, a couple of mummies began lumbering towards them. Easy enough right? That is, until the tides turned, so to speak. As the party approaches, a spinning vortex opens in

Marvel sizzles with previews at SDCC 2016

Marvel is showing off some awesome stuff they have in the works at San Diego Comic Con. Take a look at the following teasers. Let’s just say it’s a good time to have a Netflix subscription.    

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