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Vampires like shiny stuff

Vampires are tricky jerks. And by tricky, I mean just jerks. But I do enjoy throwing them at my party of heroes over and over and over again. This last session saw a couple of newbies joining our group. While they intended only to watch, it just isn’t the same as playing. So we made them some characters and I used my improv skills to work them into the story. We are joined by another catfolk drunken master and a human ranger. The ranger is probably going to die to make way for something a little more fitting, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Our party wandered up to a campsite after the fog of night had lifted, spotting two travelers that appeared to also not be of this world. Dorian, our summoner, took it upon himself to use his diplomacy with these new found people, hoping for some guidance as to what they should be doing. Apparently, they didn’t receive adequate instructions before going through the portal other than “you only have to kill like 4 things.”

The catfolk monk and the ranger had been trying to survive for some time, being stuck in this void of a place for years. Something about this group seemed suspiciously familiar to them for some odd reason like they had worked together before. But who knows, it was years ago, and they’ve seen a lot of death in between.

After a light meet and greet, the party takes in a couple new members and they decide to try and get out of this terrible place. The new additions inform the party of a “hospital” type building to the southeast of the campsite, and a mausoleum to the southwest. As the party heads southeast, they find a couple of familiar buildings that are entirely out of place for this area. The tavern that they traveled to in Westcrown was standing there, across from a warehouse that was familiar to one that they had retrieved loot from before. It was oddly in pristine condition.

As the party rounded the outside and eventually peered inside, they found the inside to also be pristine, but with no signs of any disturbance. No dust, no liquor, no people. “Curious….very curious indeed,” our summoner says.

The party scouts out the entire tavern, finding three books. These books change their language based on the reader. After some studying and some sharing of information, we find that they are journals left behind by a traveler; one that just so happens to be in this group. That, the rogue, was apparently here at one point in time. He kept a journal of his adventures, which were, unfortunately, long winded and inherently whiny about his time spent here.

A couple of our heroes spotted a shadow glide past the window and decide to investigate. Outside, they find three vampires running around like crazy people, although in some sort of order. As they come out, the summoner decides to grab their attention by hitting one with a magic missile. After the impact, all three stop, and the one that was hit demands the summoner’s eidolon, Geoff, as fair payment to let them live.

jiangshiDorian sees no way out and allows Geoff to take one for the team. As Geoff approaches, the vampire reaches out his claws, shreds off the 6 arms of the eidolon, and then proceeds to take a giant bite, decapitating the poor creature. As his lifeless body begins to disappear, the leader of the vampires turns and walks away, saying “I said I wouldn’t kill you, but I have no control over the others. They are a bit hungry for something living.”

As the battle commences, another vampire pops out behind the building, taking control of That with both claws from behind. While the other two are being ganged up on by the rest of the party, That must suffer in silence as he is pummeled and grappled from behind.

The catfolk barbarian, Wubbles, makes a few great blows and with the help of a few other party members, lays one vampire low. Innajem takes out one of the other vampires along with his lizard and some impressive tactics.

As our battered party looks to try and recover, two figures burst out of the warehouse, lumbering along towards our heroes. It looks like it may not be such a picnic after all in this place.

All of this just because no one wants to give up their stuff to a bunch of greedy vampires.



© 2016, Randy Schmidt. All rights reserved.

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