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Archives for June 2016

Eternal Masters unboxing video

We decided to do an unboxing video for our box of Eternal Masters. This is our first video so hopefully, our viewers will be kind to us. A couple things to remember when doing videos : 1. Check the storage space of your SD card. 2. If you switch cameras, make sure the battery is

Big Group Vs. Small Group-Pathfinder How-to

This campaign has seen something unprecedented for me. This last weekend, I found myself as the DM with 8 players. Normally, I’m used to a group of 4 players and a DM, occasionally 5, and honestly, I counted on it staying that way. Keep in mind, that number doesn’t include the guy who’s joining after

Five Questions – Erin Campbell

Fans of Magic: The Gathering podcasts should be familiar with the name, Erin Campbell. Along with her three co-hosts, Erin runs the popular podcast, The Girlfriend Bracket. She can also be seen playing and doing coverage on the Community Super League on twitch.tv Erin can also be found on Magic Mics which she co-hosts with

Hearthstone update – Beast Druid

I received a comment last week that I spend a lot of time complaining. You know what, you’re right and that needs to change. I doubt I will get that reader back, but that’s ok. That comment is going to give me some focus. This week we took a good look at our current Beast

What is on the other side of the wall?

As our brave party was attempting to leave the scene of disaster with the gnome in tow, they were swiftly met by an even more menacing foe by the name of Esteban, the commander of the Westcrown Guardians, AKA the Hellknights that were so easily defeated before. Through a short tempered discussion, Esteban was able

Eternal Masters Musing

With Eternal Masters on the horizon, I thought it would be interesting to look back on our “What we would like to see printed in EM” post to see how close we got and then look ahead to the cards we are most excited about. The original post included six cards I wanted to see

Judge Tips – Copying a Spell (copying part 2)

Although similar to copying a creature, copying a spell can be a little tricky. In this week’s judge tips, we are going to look at the steps to copying a spell and what to do when that spell resolves or is countered. Like we always do, let’s go to the CR! For copying a spell,

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