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Kayou-The Half Orc Vigilante

So here’s a build I did for a friend’s campaign. Here were the guidelines that we were given for this one:

  1. 28 point stat buy-straight buy. One point is one point.
  2. Two traits.
  3. One flaw, if you would like to use it to gain an extra trait.
  4. One additional story feat
  5. 3000 GP starting gold
  6. 3rd level


To mix things up a bit in this campaign, I chose the vigilante class, as urged by the DM. Basically, it’s Batman for Pathfinder. I also chose a half-orc as my character, since I’ve honestly never played one before, with his vigilante name as “The Walrus.” If you are wondering why I’d want to be The Walrus, just listen to the Beatles sometime.

So here’s the stats I ended up with: Strength 18 Dexterity 18 Constitution 18 Intelligence 14 Wisdom 12 Charisma 10

For kicks and giggles, I decided that my character was going to be a not very likable character, so he was to be named Kayou. If you are reading this and you have children, it should sound a lot like the show Caillou….because no one likes Caillou.

Essentially, this is a very mild mannered half-orc with a sudden burst of energy when he decides that he needs to fix what is wrong and unethical in a situation. He uses his calm yet unfriendly demeanor to sweep his foes down with a scimitar. The nice thing about a vigilante is they get a decent attack bonus, as well as the ability to do a hidden strike, but they are still behind on feats from the fighter. Obviously, my rogue instincts clung on to this type, but the hardship comes from having the role play the character. It’s definitely going to be a learning experience for sure.

A lot of the skills are related to keeping your identity as well as intimidation in your area of influence. Think of how all of Gotham knows that Batman will come for them if they are trying to ruin their city. That ends up giving the vigilante a +4 bonus to intimidate when in the city of renown. I’ve never been a big fan of intimidation as a way of getting information out of NPCs but in this case, I feel like it will give a pretty good time as far as role-playing goes. The best part is that I get to do the Batman voice during our session.

If you need yet another interesting cross of rogue/fighter, the vigilante makes for a difficult but fun role play experience.

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