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Hearthstone – Warcraft movie, video of friendly play

This past Friday, Warcraft opened in theaters. Being a fan of World of Warcraft (I currently do not play) I was interested in checking this out. I was also very hesitant.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of lore when it comes to Warcraft. The potential to critically mess this movie up was very high. I talked with a couple of my WoW playing friends and they agreed. Still, my interests were piqued.

I read a review of the movie that absolutely slammed it. I watched Boogie 2988’s review of it, where he was mostly positive. Keep in mind the first half of the video is spoiler free.

But I rarely listen to critics (I liked Battlefield Earth after all) so I figured I would go see it. What tipped me over the edge was my son saying he wanted to see it. So, I gathered a couple of friends, my son, and we headed to the theater.

Before the movie started I took a look around the less than half-full theater. To my surprise, the majority of the people in the audience were women. Also, the age range was from the very young to senior citizens.

Most of the people in attendance were wearing Warcraft-themed t-shirts – myself included as I was wearing a Brewfest (a popular “Holiday” in World of Warcraft) t-shirt. Sadly, no one was dressed in any sort of cosplay. Keep in mind, we live in northern Wyoming.

I will spare you any details of the movie. I am not a movie critic and will not pretend to be one. I will say I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed the CGI, the costumes, and the scenery. As a World of Warcraft player, it was exciting to think, “I’ve been there,” as the movie moved from one part of Azeroth to another.

My main complaint was some of the costuming of the orks. One costume, in particular, was Blackhand after being corrupted by the Fel. As he stood there I couldn’t help but think he looked like he just stepped off the set of a Power Ranger’s episode.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. So did my friends and my son. When it comes out on BluRay, I will be buying it. So, go see it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

As for Hearthstone, I was able to reach rank 14 with the Beast Druid deck. Still really enjoying the deck. I was able to play the deck against a friend’s Dragon Druid deck. Check out the video below.

I also had a lot of fun with Tavern Brawl. The theme this week was Cloneball. Your deck was made up of nothing but Legendary creatures, and multiple copies of each. Occasionally you got a spell that reduced the cost of your next legendary creature by 3 and every subsequent casting of that card.

It took me a little bit, but eventually I was able to get five wins and complete my Five Tavern Brawl Wins quest.

I hope you had fun this week in Hearthstone. And be sure to go check out the Warcraft movie.

Patrick Cossel is the publisher of the Forge Herald. He is a father, gamer, and Level 1 Magic Judge. Professionally Patrick is the Operations Manager of a family-owned newspaper company. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com


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