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Game review – Mars Attacks: The Dice Game

Mars-Attacks-Dice-GameWe finally had a chance to play a different game at The Forge Herald game center, this week. This time, our friend brought us Mars Attacks: The Dice Game.

Released in 2014 by Steve Jackson Games Mars Attacks is, obviously, a dice game that uses the card collecting mechanic. The object of the game is to destroy cities to get points. The person with the highest points wins.

Set up

The game is designed for 3-6 players. You set up by dealing out for stacks of cards. Each stack will contain the same number of cards as there are players. Then, the top card of each stack is revealed. These cards represent cities or monuments. Each of these cards will have either a gun, nuke or alien symbol on them. Then, after deciding who goes first, each player casts the dice in an attempt to score enough symbols to win a card.

Rules and play

When you begin your turn, you must declare which card you will be trying to win. After declaring, you throw the dice and see what you get. Each dice has two symbols each of gun, nuke, and alien. When looking at your results, you want to pull out each symbol that corresponds with the symbol on the card you are trying to capture.

Nuke symbols are pulled out right away. This is because, based on the number of nuke symbols shown on the bottom right-hand corner of the cards, nukes will end your turn early. If your total nuke symbols equal the number of nuke symbols on cards your game ends.

Also pulled out are the gun symbols. These, typically, are used to capture cities. Unless you’re are attempting to capture a monument, alien symbols can be rerolled.

Play continues until one of the stacks runs out of cards. This signifies the beginning of the last turn. Once the first player takes their turn the game ends. Points are then totaled up to see who wins.


The game took us about 20 minutes to play. In fact, we ended up playing multiple times because of how quickly it plays. While fun by itself, the most fun came out of us goading each other into continuing their rolls when they were on the brink of “nuking out.” This created a lot of laughter with our group.

The game is a lot of fun for players of any age and, because of its small size, could be a good game to take on a trip. The rules are very simple and the game can be taught in under ten minutes. Plus, because it simply rolling dice it should be engaging for even the most novice of board-gamers. The cards are excellently illustrated and the dice look great, too. All-in-all it’s a fun game. Be sure to check it out.

Patrick Cossel is the publisher of the Forge Herald. He is a father, husband, and Level 1 Magic Judge. Professionally, Patrick is the Operations Manager of a family owned newspaper group. He can be contacted at pcossel@gmail.com

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