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Five Questions – Christine Sprankle

I first learned about Christine Sprankle at GP:Las Vegas, 2015. I saw her dressed as Avacyn but had no idea who she was. Then I saw her picture as part of the Rolling Stones article about the event. After that, her name was coming up everywhere. When we started five Questions, I knew she was one of the cosplayers we wanted to include. Thankfully, she graciously obliged.

Remember to check Christine’s work out on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram under the name Cspranklerun.

You have gained a lot of notoriety as a cosplayer, especially in the Magic community, what drew you to cosplaying as a image1Magic character?
In my very first draft, I EVER did I pulled an Elspeth Tirel. I immediately was drawn to her stoic figure and beautiful armor. When I went home I started reading all of her story on the Magic website and absolutely fell in love with her story. Magic gets some of the best fantasy artists and has some of the best lore. That’s like honey to cosplayers! I can’t help but cosplay from it 🙂

Your costumes are extremely extravagant, what sort of precautions do you have to take when transporting one?
When you know you are going to have to transport a costume planning that begins at the very start of construction. You have to edit and tweak the design when you make it with the thought of it being able to fit or break down into a suitcase. Other than padding delicate pieces you pretty much just have to pray to the cosplay gods everything makes it with you in one piece.

As someone who puts them self out there all the time, how do you deal with the haters and trolls, especially on the Internet?
It was difficult at first but over time, you learn to just not give them any of your time or attention. You have better things to do with it than waste it on them. For the most part, I just block people. If I’m feeling a little feisty I might leave them in blocked land with a funny quip beforehand.

The costumes you build require a lot of different materials. What is your favorite material to work with and why? What is your least favorite?
I love worbla. Worbla is a thermoplastic aka heat-activated plastic that I use for all of my armor. Armor is my favorite thing to make so worbla is one of my best friends. It’s also super durable so it survives travel really well. My least favorite thing, because it’s not really a material, is my sewing machine. I don’t like sewing and always have to battle my machine when I do have to take up the arduous task.

If you could only wear one costume for a month, what would that costume be?
That honestly sounds a little torturous no matter what costume I pick! But if I had to it would have to be my April O’Neil costume from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Just a yellow jumpsuit and boots pretty much! Plus there is usually pizza as a prop involved so I am all down for wearing April for a month!


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