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Hearthstone update: A week with the old gods

Whispers of the Old Gods has been in our hands for almost a week and boy has the impact been felt. Any idea which of the old gods has made the biggest impact? If you guessed C’thun, I would agree!

C'ThunI will admit, I started the week wanting to stick with Paladin. I made some adjustments to the deck (removing all secrets and adding in some new cards with the focus on giving Divine Shield to my creatures) but couldn’t buy a win. Nope, every deck I faced was some sort of C’Thun build. So, after considering it for less than a day, I decided to give C’Thun Priest a try.

Here is what I am playing:

Northshire Cleric x 2

Power Word:Shield x 2

Shadow Word: Pain x 1

Shadow Word: Death x 2

Hooded Acolyte x 2

Excavated Evil x 1

Holy Nova x 2

Twilight Darkmender x 2

Cabal Shadow Priest x 1

Entomb x 1

Beckoner of evil x 2

Loot Horder x 2

Acolyte of Pain x 1

Brann Bronzebeard x 1

Disciple of C’Thun x 2

Twilight Elder x 1

C’Thun’s Chosen x 2

Nefarion x 1

Doomcaller x 1

C’Thun x 1

The concept of the deck is pretty simple – make your C’Thun as powerful as possible and wreck your opponent when you cast him.

Obviously with so many creatures to pump up your C’Thun, this can be done fairly easily. It should be noted this is not my original build. I took this off of Hearthpwn where it was originally posted by user MrSavge. Here is the original list.

TwinThe only difference is I am running Nefarion. The reason for this is simple – I don’t have Twin Emperor Vek’lor yet. Working on it.

After getting the deck together I went ahead and stuck with it for a few days. Sure, the deck is fun but, in the current meta, you end up facing a mirror too often.

So, with that in mind, I switched back to Paladin, this time using the Divine Aggro build posted by Hearthpwn user Sixenm.  You can view the list here. The big problem I had? C’Thun decks. And, since they are everywhere, I was getting frustrated.

So, I switched back. Sure, I won a couple games here and there, but I lost more than I won. With the season resetting on Sunday, I find myself at rank 19 – 20 now that I lost several games – and more than a little frustrated.

I was looking forward to this new set, I truly was, but I think I am too frustrated to enjoy it. If the current Standard meta is going to be nothing but C’Thun, I am not sure I want anything to do with it.

Patrick Cossel is the Publisher of the Forge Herald. He is an avid gamer, Magic Judge (L1), father, and husband. Professionally he is the Operations Manager for a family-owned newspaper company. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com




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