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Hearthstone update – Total Shamanation

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think these Standard shaman decks are getting out of control.

Since Whispers of the Old Gods was released, it seems Shaman has been the deck to beat. The ability to have creatures with a large attack on the board early seems to be somewhat overpowering.

As far as I can tell, the shaman player wants to drop a Tunnel Trogg on turn one. Then on turns three and four, the player uses burn spells with overload to go face until such time as they can drop their big 7/7 Flamewreath Faceless. At this point the potential damage dished out is staggering – turn five kill is not impossible.Tunnel Trogg35226-flamewreathed-faceless

Playing my C’Thun priest deck I have mustered roughly a 5%-win ration against these decks. It is almost to the point that I auto-scoop as soon as I realize I am playing against a shaman deck. There is no other deck that gives me as much difficulty.

Coming in second is the agro-hunter decks. If you don’t get ahead and stay ahead early you are losing. These decks are dropping low-cost beasts that get bigger with things like Abusive Sergeant and Houndmaster. When they have your life total below ten, they fire off a couple of Kill Command and the game is over.

I am enjoying playing the C’Thun Priest deck but do not think it would be considered a tier 1 deck. If it is, then I am playing it wrong. So far, my best rank has been 13. This is a far cry from the ranks 7 and 6 I was hitting consistently with Secret Paladin.

I must say there is a level of frustration settling in as I play Hearthstone more and more. It seems I am often times tilting as I sit with cards that basically do nothing as my opponent plays gas after gas.

Add to this frustration the slow play of players and I simply want to log off and not play the game anymore.

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