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Top five board games we want to play

There are too many games to play! To that end, here are the top five games we, at The Forge Herald, want to play.

Got board game5. Game of Thrones – the board game This game looks absolutely beautiful. The board, the tokens, everything is very well done. What is a little daunting though is the large rule book. From folks I know who have played it, it’s not the easiest game to play. Still, we love Game of Thrones and this made our top five games. The players take on the role of the Great Houses of Westeros and use intrigue, politics, and all out war to win. It sounds like the game does take some time to play, especially when you have a lot of players (the game is designed for 2-6 players) but that’s ok. We are willing to dedicate one gaming session just to this game.

4. Betrayal at House on the Hill – Our number four spot is an older game that waBetrayals released by Avalon Hill Games in 2004, that being Betrayal at House on the Hill This game has the players exploring a haunted mansion together until such time as one of them betrays the group. It is then up to the rest of the group to defeat the betrayer. The game is tile based so the mansion never has to look the same, plus, with a large booklet for scenarios, the replayability is high. The game is designed for 3-6 players and is ideal for players age 12 and up. The play time is about an hour.

3. Seven Wonders – A game that spans three ages of mankind and develops the greatest wonders of the world, Seven Wonders comes in at our nu7 Wondersmber three spot. Seven Wonders is a card development game. Some of the cards have effects that happen right away while others offer resources or benefits throughout the game. Once again, we have a game where nothing was spared on the artwork. While not having an official board to play on, all the cards are expertly designed. It is a gorgeous game, that’s for sure. Seven Wonders is designed for 3-7 players, with an average playing time of 30 minutes. Not able to get at least three people together and still want to play? Well, there is a two person variant included in the rules.

2. Blood Rage – Slicing its way to number two is the new game Blood Rage A game where you get to be a Viking clan and pillage the world? Ok! A game with excellent minis (we love minis!)? Yes, please! Blood Rage had a successful Blood RageKickstarter campaign last March and was released, officially, later that same year. Blood Rage has received tons of praise and looks absolutely amazing. A fellow board game enthusiast recently told me has acquired a copy so we will be playing it soon. The game is designed for 2-4 players with a playtime of 60-90 minutes.

So this brings us to our number one game. It should be noted anyone of these games could fit well at the number one spot except for one thing – they don’t deal with one of my all-time favorite legends.

  1. Fury of Dracula – I became acquainted with this game will working a Magic tournament in Billings, Montana. I wanted to purchase the game then but decided to wait until I learned more about it. Plus, it had a price tag of $69.99. Fury of Dracula (Third Edition) is a game of deduction, horror and adventure. Set in the late 1800s, the players are working together to stop Dracula who has returned after Van Helsing and his crew trained in vain to defeat him. To play the game one player assumes the role of Dracula while the rest of the party takes on the roles of Van Helsing, Mina, John Harker, and Lord Arthur Godalming. The player must defeat the count before his influences stretch across Europe. This game looks super exciting and we can not wait to sink our teeth into it.



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