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Judge tips – One-Shot Effects

The level 2 judge test can be vexing. It tests not only your rules knowledge but your policy knowledge, too. In an effort to prepare for the L2 test, I have decided to write a series of articles that takes the major concepts of the test and breaks them down. Today, we are starting with

Standard PPTQ Report **2nd Place**

The first week of Shadows Over Innistrad standard competition is officially in the books! It was definitely an exciting inaugural week, both for those who watched the Star City Games Standard Open and for myself! While the SCG Open was taken down by Jim Davis and his team’s Bant Collected Company deck, I was able

Hearthstone Update – A look at Yogg-Saron lore

This week’s update isn’t too exciting in Game play but we did get some cool lore on Yogg-Saron. I increased my wins by 28 and improve to rank 14. I have no doubt I will be back to single digit ranks very soon. This means current wins with Secret Paladin are 200. This is almost

First PPTQ with Shadows Over Innistrad Standard this weekend

For the first time since the PPTQ system was implemented, I am actually planning to play in one. I have to specify “planning.” That’s because I played in one before but it wasn’t planned. The decision to play may be derailed if we get a lot of players and I am tapped to work as

Tribal Foundations: R/G Werewolves

Welcome to the second part of my series on brewing with the tribes of Shadows Over Innistrad! If you didn’t happen to catch part one, on Mono-White Humans, you can find it here. Now that the SOI prerelease events have concluded and I’ve been able to try some of the new cards in person, I’ve

Hearthstone Update – Back from vacation

Vacation is over and I am back! That means we are pushing for 500 wins on the Secret Paladin deck – current wins, 170. I got home Saturday evening but didn’t touch Hearthstone until Sunday. When I logged in I received all the rewards for finishing last season with a Rank 6. While all the

Zane’s top five Modern playable SOI cards

Editor’s Note – We, at The Forge Herald, love Modern. None of us love it as much as Zane does. Considering all the craziness he likes to cook up, I thought it would be interesting to allow this list of his to stand on it’s own. Enjoy!    And now, my top five picks for

Let’s Investigate Modern

by Zane R.  We’ve now had the full spoilers for Shadows Over Innistrad for over a week, and this weekend many of us had the opportunity to throw down with this new array of spells at local prereleases. When I first heard of our return to the plane of Innistrad as well as the returning

Mum’s The Word

This week, I had a good idea of how I’d start taking the campaign, until I got home from work on Saturday at about 2:00, and realized it wasn’t going to work. Unfortunately, the long drawn out plan that I had molded in my head just wasn’t going to work with this group. Add to

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