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Hearthstone update – Alexstrasza, oh how I hate you

Alexstrasza. I think I may have found a card I dislike more than Reno. Without a doubt, I played against more Mage decks this week than any other deck. And it felt like every one of them had Alexstrasza. I really do not like this card.

Before we get into my dragon issues, let’s see how the week went. I started Monday at 200 wins. As I wrap up Sunday I am at 232 wins. While 32 wins is decent, I am not at all pleased. The highest level I made was 10. After that, I went on the worst losing streak and dropped to level 15. I finished the week at rank 12. This has been the most frustrating week of Hearthstone play and Mage decks have been at the heart of it.

So now that you know where we stand, let’s talk about the why. Mage decks seem to have an answer for everything. I play a card, they burn it away. I get an army on board, they freeze it, turn after turn, after turn. It is beyond frustrating.

Further, I would start to get a streak going and then hit a mage, lose and then continue to lose after I face mage after mage. Did I miss the memo? Is mage now the deck to beat?

Let’s talk about Alexstrasza. While I lost several games to mage decks, this was the card that seemed to do it. It always seemed I would be able to get my opponent down to within kill range and they would play Alexstrasza to set their life total at 15. So frustrating. It was even more frustrating when they played an Archmage Antonidas.

Alexstrasza, without the ability, is an extremely powerful card. She is an 8/8. That’s strong and very diffiAlexstraszacult to deal with. Add to it the ability to set someone’s life total to 15 and it seems overly powerful. I do not like this card.

As much as I like Hearthstone, I think I hate it equally. As a Magic player, I am used to ups and downs. What I am not used to is playing what is considered a top shelf deck and losing so much. I know I don’t always make the best play choices. I also know that I don’t make the worse choices, too.

But Hearthstone seems to be more about RNG than anything. More often than not I found myself with a terrible opening hand coupled with a terrible hand after deciding to take a mulligan. Then my draws followed were terrible and continued to be so.

Granted, in Magic you can draw land after land and not be able to do anything but, never have I seen consistent bad draws as happens as in Hearthstone. I am to the point that I don’t want to play the game anymore. It is beyond being on tilt. It is absolute frustration.

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