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What happens when you mix business and pleasure? Dragons.

Our Pathfinder adventure started to go down a familiar path last time. I’ve been a fan of Dungeons and Dragons for a while, so I finally decided to incorporate dragons into the game. It’s a necessity, right? I may have had the party in a dungeon as well…

Our party left off after the last warehouse wandering the slums, hoping to find the next warehouse. They were told there were two initially, but after running into a tiefling named Liu, they found out there was a lot more. Liu was looking for some people to help him and the rest of the remaining tieflings out. They had a very strange culture, at least to this party.

After a quick battle to see how the party could fare on their own, Liu decided they were worthy of his cause and lead them to the underground tiefling village. It was more of a large underground bazaar, full of interconnected buildings, where apparently you could find anything you wanted…at a steep cost due to the pressure of getting goods there. Since items had to be either found or bought, the price easily tripled for every item. This was held particularly true by the fact that smugglers were their primary form of acquiring these goods, and the penalty for providing tieflings with these goods was death.

As the party wandered down the main “street” of this large expanse, they realized that the tieflings, which they were told were nearly eradicated, were actually somewhat thriving in this underground system. The only problem is that most of them had taken a vow of poverty and did not want to rely on force to regain control of their old home. Peaceful tieflings? Yes, in this story, they exist!

The party rested and was up for their next adventure to the next warehouse, where they encountered a young dragon. It seems as though a pattern is evolving here, but we’ll see where that goes. They ended up with quite a bit of loot for their troubles, and also found out from Liu that there were quite a few more warehouses where the empire has been hiding the treasures taken from them.

At this point in time, I’d also like to talk about the new release from Artisan Dice, with a full set of mammoth ivory dice for about $2176.00. This product, along with other things like high end gaming tables, dice towers, etc. have really put an impression on me that being a nerd is becoming more and more of an “in” thing.

Would I spend that kind of money on dice if I could? Absolutely. Apparently gamers aren’t just the lonely guys in their basement, now they actually have reached their potential and can splurge when they want. Hooray for disposable income after years of being made fun of.

In all seriousness, though, the best part of games like this is that it doesn’t matter your income, how awesome your dice are, how awesome the table is, it just matters that you play.

Chock Schmidt is the RPG guru for The Forge Herald. He typically spends his free time playing Pathfinder, some Magic the Gathering, and occasionally long walks on the beach. Feel free to email him at rockoskates@gmail.com with any ideas you have.


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