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Archives for March 2016

Banning possible with release of Shadows Over Innistrad

With Shadows Over Innistrad hitting shelves officially on April 8, most players are diving deep into spoilers; however, with a new set comes the potential of a new round of banning. So, as we did with Oath of the Gatewatch, we are going to take a look at the possible banning. Standard – Nothing. I

Hearthstone update: New expansion coming

As I thought I might be, I soared past 100 wins with secret Paladin this week. My current win total is 110. Definitely getting wins faster with this deck than with Patron Warrior. This morning I was able to play for just a little bit. A little bit was enough though as I knocked out

Humble Bundle, a Pegicorn, and Chaos!

To my loyal readers (I don’t think I have any of those, but I like to think so), I apologize for the late post. Luckily, my job situation suddenly changed for the better, but the change led me to a lack of time due to the new schedule, so bear with me. I will still

Hearthstone Update: I doubled my wins

Completely missed a Hearthstone update last week, my friends. It wasn’t because I wanted to, though, it was because I was out of town for work and was unable to get any real time in on the game. Now that I am home, I am able to play. So let’s talk about where things are

Review: Ticket to Ride

Game night at the Forge Herald gaming center saw our gamers donning their engineer’s cap and playing the role of Railroad Baron as we played Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride is not a new game and, I would wager, most board gamers have given it a try. For us, this is a new addition

Rules vs. Gameplay

One of my most common phrases since becoming a DM: I’ll allow it. This happens when the party does something that I’m not familiar with as far as the rules go. Pathfinder re-imagined the grappling system, and frankly, I fall asleep every time I read it. It’s like my defense mechanism against boredom. We’ve all

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