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Modern: Colorless Eldrazi

Like so many other players I was bitten by the Eldrazi bug this winter. And how couldn’t I be? It’s a fun deck to play. No, seriously, it is. There is something about the potential of doing 15 damage on turn 2. Something about being able to out aggro the usual suspects of aggro deck.

Eldrazi+Mimic+%5BOGW%5DThe flavor of Eldrazi I chose to take for a spin is colorless. The deck is very similar to what Luis Scott-Vargas played at Pro Tour: Oath of the Gatewatch. The idea behind it is to drop an Eye of Ugin on turn one, followed by an Eldrazi Mimic or two.

Ideally, this will be followed by a turn two play of Eldrazi Temple, exile a Simian Spirit-Guide to then play a Reality Smasher. And, since the Eldrazi Mimic gains the power and toughness of the Eldrazi you just played, you get to swing a lot.

Ok, I have not played this deck a lot. So far I have been able to take it to one FNM. Yeah, that’s it. At that event, I was able to 2-0 everyone I faced with the exception of a Living End deck. This was because I failed to side in Chalice of the Void. I had played against this deck previously and beat it by putting Chalice on zero, locking out his Living End.

So here is the deck:

Colorless Eldrazi

Lands                                                               Spells

2 x Blinkmoth Nexus                                   4 x Dismember

3 x Waste                                                        2 x Ratchet Bomb

2 x Ghost Quarter                                          3 x Chalice of the Void

4 x Eye of Ugin

3 x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth                     Creatures

4 x Eldrazi Temple                                      4 x Endless One

4 x Mutavault                                               4 x Eldrazi Mimic

4 x Simian Spirit-Guide

4 x Reality Smasher

4 x Thought-Not Seer

4 x Matter Reshaper

2 x Oblivion Sower

3 x Spellskite


The Eldrazi builds currently running rampant in Modern have done away with Chalice of the Void. I think, if I were playing in a big tournament, I want it main board. I understand the reason it was dropped – Chalice does very little in the mirror. But, when Living End and Affinity are still a major threat, this seems like the best answer. Plus, Chalice on one really upsets your typical burn player.

It’s pretty easy to see this is exactly like LSV’s build. The only thing I didn’t bother to do was put together the sideboard. Why? Because let’s face it, this deck isn’t long for Modern. I firmly believe either Eye of Ugin or Eldrazi Temple will be banned very soon.

So why did I put it together? Like I said earlier, it looked like a lot of fun. And, since our LGS runs Modern FNMs I figured I could give it a whirl. If you got time, you should, too.

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