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Hearthstone Update: Personal best

Getting some time on Hearthstone really does make a difference. I mean a huge difference.

As of last week I was sitting at 110 wins with Secret Paladin. Today, that number is at 152. That’s 42 wins this past week. Not too shabby.

Aside from the amount of wins, I hit an all-time best for me – Rank 7. My previous best was rank 9.

Secret Paladin truly is a great deck, but it is not unbeatable.

Areas/decks I am struggling against continue t be Warlock and Druid. Sure, the occasional Murloc-adin gets me but that’s only if it gets to turn 10.

Druid decks are disgusting. The speed at which they can ramp simply blows me away. On turn five I am thinking I have things where I am want them (a couple of minions on the battlefield with a mysterious Challenger about to be cast next turn) when they overrun me with Treants pumped up with Savage Roar. Or, they drop a Dr. Boom on turn three, or anything else you can think of as early as possible.

The power level these decks can reach and the speed at which they reach it blows me away.

As for Warlock, it is more the issue of dealing with Reno. Sure, not every deck is a Reno-Lock deck, but there is enough of them.

I can always tell the Reno decks as my opponent tends to play very slowly and plays cards I don’t typically see. Usually, by turn six or seven, I have beaten them down pretty good only to have them cast Reno and regain all their life. /sigh

I did get to do some Tavern Brawling this week. I had a quest that required winning five Tavern Brawls for completion and I decided to go with it instead of rerolling.

This was a great Tavern Brawl, too. For this one you built a deck and then some random spells were marked to give you random spells to play at no cost.

I can honestly say I was laughing out loud at some of the hilarity this created. The most fun was when I was able to challenge a couple of friends. I hope you all had time to check it out.

I will be on vacation next week so may not get a whole lot of time to play. If I do, I will be sure to let you all know how the week went.

Until then, keep playing.


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