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Hearthstone Update – Hitting rank 6

So with time slipping away before I headed out on vacation, my chances to play Hearthstone were slipping. I was able to get my usual time in during the morning hours but nothing on Saturday or Sunday. Despite the lower the normal playtime, I put up so great results.

About midway through the week I broke past the Rank 7 threshold and hit Rank 6. I was so close to hitting Rank 5 but couldn’t hit it. So there you go. My new personal best is Rank 6. I am not complaining. And, since I am on vacation and away from Hearthstone, that’s where I will finish the season.

I will say, while I think the Secret Paladin deck is good, I may be behind the curve a little bit. Perhaps that’s not the best way to phrase this. I think saying my card selection needs to be changed is a better phrasing.

I am not sure Coghammer was giving me the effect I was looking for. When I have it in my opening hand I find myself discarding for a new card, a lot. When I have it available on turn 3 I find myself going a different route. It has not been a game changer for me at all.

Instead, I want to add Consecrate. I found myself staring down the barrel of an aggro deck too often not to want this card. I also want to add Sludgebelcher. Why? Because Sludgebelcher. On turn five with my current build there is very little I can do. Having a Sludgebelcher in the deck will give me a solid turn five play while also giving me a pretty tough minion to kill.

I still need to figure out what I am going to take out in that slot. I will tackle that when I get home.

Lots of cards are being spoiled from the new set, Whispers of the Old Gods. Head over to Hearthpwn to check them out.

I love the new Ragnaros. As many of you know Ragnaros, in his current iteration, is a game changer. When he hits the board you have limited options. The first, and simply the best, is to kill him right away (Polymorph or Hex work, too). The other is to silence him. The problem with silencing him is he know gets to swing at your face. With an attack of 8, that hurts.

What made RaRagsggy so strong was his ability to do 8 damage to a random enemy. I have won several games on the back of that ability.

New Ragnaros (Ragnaros, Lightlord) is a bit different. Now, instead of burning our enemies he is healing us or our minions. He’s like a kinder, gentler Rags.

There are, of course, some great cards coming out in this set. I am excited about it. Plus we will be getting the new formats (Wild and Standard) both of which should be fun.

That’s it for me this week. I hope the rest of you had a great time playing Hearthstone this past week. I know I sure did.

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