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Dragon’s Hoard Games, Silverdale, Wa.

Situated off of NW Bucklin Hill Rd. in a multi-functional retail building is Dragon’s Hoard Games and Collectibles.

Dragon’s Hoard Games and Collectibles has been in business for eight years. It has been in its current location for about a year.

When you enter the store the first thing you see is board games. There are a lot of board games. Titles that jumped out were Ticket To Ride (several expansions), Splendor, Munchkin, Five Tribes, and Blood Rage. Like I said, a nice selection of games. There is even section dedicated to games played on the popular web show Table Top hosted by Wil Wheaton.

Aside from board games, they also carry card games. More specifically they carry Magic: The Gathering. The did have a display case for Magic singles but it looked as though it had been gone through pretty thoroughly. I did notice several binders behind the counter which led me to believe there were more rares to be seen.

I took my usual walk through the store before introducing myself to the two ladies behind the counter. The first, Sandra Odell, is the wife of owner Doug Odell. Joining her at the register is Darlene Odell, Doug’s mother. While Sandra and Doug own the store, Darlene was the financer of the venture.

According to Sandra, Dragon’s Hoard is an all inclusive gaming store. She says it doesn’t matter what your play level, gender, sexual preference, or disability is, you are welcome in their store.

Sandra said the store carries all manner of games provided the games aren’t video games.

Magic is a big ticket item for the store. It’s also something Doug must be a long time player of because, according to Sandra, Doug has the very first DCI number ever issued. I saw this on the internet as well.

Sandra said the store does carry items for Warhammer but it isn’t as a big a draw as some stores. She mentions Avalon Comics in the mall as being more of a 40k store.

Not only does she mention Avalon, Sandra also talks about other stores in the area. Sandra says the stores on the peninsula network with each other as they all cater to slightly different crowds.


The main store is nicely organized. To the right is the tournament/play area.

When it comes to the store itself, the main area is not too large, yet not so small it feels crowded. The staff obviously cares about the cleanliness of the facilities as everything looked very clean, well organized, and nicely displayed.

As for events, Sandra said Tuesday nights is board game night. All skill levels are welcome, of course. Friday night is reserved for Magic where the format is always draft except on the last Friday of the month when the format changes.

Dragon’s Hoard does run pre-releases and Games Day but has yet to hold a PPTQ. This is because they have a big obstacle in their way, no L2 judge available. You would think, with the close proximity to Seattle, this wouldn’t be a problem; however, Sandra says it is their biggest hang up.

Being a judge myself, I was able to provide Sandra with some resources on how to contact judges. Here’s to hoping they are able to run PPTQs soon.

Dragon’s Hoard also host Pokémon tournaments and has tactical games on Sundays.

With a welcoming atmosphere and super friendly customer service, Dragon’s Hoard is a great stop if you are in the area. Just remember, if you want comics you will need to go somewhere else.

To learn more about their events go to www.dragonshoardwa.com

Patrick Cossel is the publisher of The Forge Herald. He can be contacted at pcossel@gmail.com


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