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Avalon Comics and Games – Silverdale, Wa.

Our trip around the peninsula took us to Silverdale yesterday. My son was in need of a new pair of shoes and I was in need of finding another to store to tell our readers about.

Our first stop was at the Kitsap Mall. We came in the Sears entrance and came face-to-face with Anime World. My youngest son enjoys a few anime so he wanted to stop and take a peak. For the most part there wasn’t anything too exciting in the store. Then, when my mother-in-law was snapped at for taking a picture we decided it was best to leave.

As we walked the mall we passed your usual suspect of stores – Hot Topic, Famous Footware, Victoria Secret, Spencer’s, and pretty much everything else you think of when you think of a mall.

As we passed JC Penny we came upon Avalon Comics and Games. It was the window display that appealed to me first as there, on display, was all manner of comic book statues. Large ones, too. My boys and I went inside and immediately went to the statues.

They were pretty awesome.

The store employee greeted us pleasantly and told us if we needed anything to let him know. I thanked him and then made my way around the store.

Avalon is a comic book store first and a game store second. That doesn’t mean they are lacking in games, but the bulk of what they carry is comics and comic related toys. IMG_0855

After making a once through of the store I decided to introduce myself to the store employee, his name, as I found out, is Shaun.

Shaun gave me a quick history of the store. He said the store has been in business for about four years. This was their third location.

Shaun said the big draw for the customers at Avalon is Warhammer. This was pretty evident as there were several tables set up for the game and Avalon carried a nice and large assortment of Warhammer product. I happen to love the game so I was excited for this.

Shaun confirmed my suspicion that Avalon was a comic book store first. In fact, Shaun was a bit upset as he was supposed to be processing a new order to be released the following day but the shipping manifest was missing.

When it came to board games Avalon carried a limited supply. What they did carry was good though. We did end up purchasing a new Munchkin expansion while we were there. They also had games like Ticket to Ride, several Fantasy Flight titles, and Legendary: Marvel deck building game.


Shaun was gracious enough to let me snap a picture of him.

As for tournaments, Shaun said they have a healthy schedule of events. On Tuesday they host DandD,  Thursday they have Warhammer, Friday is reserved for Friday Night Magic, and Saturday is a mix of whatever they have scheduled at the time.

Shaun said they do run pre-releases and Games Day but haven’t hosted a PPTQ yet.

Of the store itself it was very spacious and very clean. Obviously these guys care about the atmosphere their players play in. Of course, it was still early (by gamer standards) and my boys and I were the only other ones in the shop.

Still, the store was clean, and the product was displayed nicely and was well organized. They take pride in what they do.

If you are looking for comics and Warhammer this is your spot. If your looking for Magic singles and a large selection of board games, you might look elsewhere.

If you are in town and want to play some FNM, this is a good spot to go. Especially when you consider their size of their play space.

Avalon presented to me a great atmosphere, clean and well organized store, and solid customer service. If you’re in Silverdale, Wa. be sure to come in and say hello.


Terrain set up for Warhammer 40k.

Patrick Cossel is the publisher of The Forge Herald. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com 


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