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Dragon’s Hoard Games, Silverdale, Wa.

Situated off of NW Bucklin Hill Rd. in a multi-functional retail building is Dragon’s Hoard Games and Collectibles. Dragon’s Hoard Games and Collectibles has been in business for eight years. It has been in its current location for about a year. When you enter the store the first thing you see is board games. There are

Avalon Comics and Games – Silverdale, Wa.

Our trip around the peninsula took us to Silverdale yesterday. My son was in need of a new pair of shoes and I was in need of finding another to store to tell our readers about. Our first stop was at the Kitsap Mall. We came in the Sears entrance and came face-to-face with Anime

Whistle Stop Toys, Port Townsend, Washington

Part of my vacation to the Olympic peninsula was geared to stopping in to some of the local game stores and telling our readers about them. This way, if they found themselves in the area, they knew where to go to get their gaming fix. Our first stop was in Port Townsend, Washington. Port Townsend is one

Hearthstone Update – Hitting rank 6

So with time slipping away before I headed out on vacation, my chances to play Hearthstone were slipping. I was able to get my usual time in during the morning hours but nothing on Saturday or Sunday. Despite the lower the normal playtime, I put up so great results. About midway through the week I

Brewing with Zane: Modern Reanimator

  by Zane Rowland Reanimator. One of the most iconic decks in the Legacy format. Everybody loves cheating their favorite fatty into play on the first turn or two and watching their opponent’s face as they realize they don’t have any answer for it. And, paying full price for creatures is so overrated when you

Tribal Foundations: Mono White Humans

Hello, I’m Jesse Jayne, and welcome to my first article for The Forge Herald! Before we get to the main topic I’d like to just do a quick introduction. I’m a Magic player from Casper, WY, and have been playing since just after the release of Champions of Kamigawa. Playing in Wyoming has been hassling

What happens when you mix business and pleasure? Dragons.

Our Pathfinder adventure started to go down a familiar path last time. I’ve been a fan of Dungeons and Dragons for a while, so I finally decided to incorporate dragons into the game. It’s a necessity, right? I may have had the party in a dungeon as well… Our party left off after the last

Hearthstone Update: Personal best

Getting some time on Hearthstone really does make a difference. I mean a huge difference. As of last week I was sitting at 110 wins with Secret Paladin. Today, that number is at 152. That’s 42 wins this past week. Not too shabby. Aside from the amount of wins, I hit an all-time best for

Review: Ascension – Deckbuilding Game

It was game time at The Forge Herald headquarters last night. And, since we haven’t played a new game in a couple of weeks, we decided to unwrap a game and give it a go. Our flavor of the weekend was Ascension: Deckbuilding Game from Stone Blade Entertainment. Ascension was designed by Magic: The Gathering

Modern: Colorless Eldrazi

Like so many other players I was bitten by the Eldrazi bug this winter. And how couldn’t I be? It’s a fun deck to play. No, seriously, it is. There is something about the potential of doing 15 damage on turn 2. Something about being able to out aggro the usual suspects of aggro deck.

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