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Wizards responds to alleged EM Master List, buy list prices drop

In the last couple of months, Wizards of the Coast has been forced to release public statements for a number of issues. Most recently regarding their new set Eternal Masters scheduled to be released in June. Read it here.

en_YE2mvkO5SGN4t3J7Q8DkUnless you are living under a rock or don’t have social media, I would wager you have heard of Eternal Masters and have even seen the alleged “master list” of the set someone has been trying to sell. I believe the last price I saw on this list was $25k. The list has since been released on imgur.

Now, because of recent suspensions of fellow judges (yes, I am a judge), I am not putting any links to the supposed list. If you want to see it, go find it on your own.

If this latest alleged leak is true, Wizards of the Coast has a serious problem. Clearly the measures they have in place to guarantee the confidentiality of their products have been jeopardized.

Since December we have had leaks for Oath of the Gatewatch, a supposed early sale of a booster of Shadows over Innistrad, and now the alleged “Master List” for Eternal Masters.

In the most recent statement, WotC says they are aware of someone claiming to be in possession of the “Master List” and, “If true, this is obviously a situation we take extremely seriously.”

Not only does this most recent release address the “leak,” it also addresses the issue of supposed preferential treatment to certain vendors.

Personally, I do not believe this to be true. Wizards makes nothing on the secondary market. They have nothing to gain by giving certain vendors more information.

In the statement, Wizards denies giving any preferential treatment to vendors. “We want to ensure that the entire Magic community knows that we DO NOT provide preferential treatment c915622942c4d6e55386595e00738048to any card vendor, distributor, or retailer; nor do we disclose detailed card set information prior to preview season.”

I have seen some Facebook posts claiming the dropping in buy list prices for cards like Force of Will and Wasteland (by companies like Channel Fireball and Star City Games) indicate the preferential treatment is true. Again, I disagree.

I would think these businesses have been buying and selling Magic cards for long enough they know when the market is flooded. So, naturally, if there is a lot available, the buying price goes down. Plus, both FoW and Wasteland were spoiled for Eternal Masters. Why wouldn’t they drop the price?

I can’t help but feel these companies are dropping the price right now because they know all to well how Magic players are going to react. Meaning, Magic players are going to panic and try to get rid of these cards now while the price is somewhat high. So, by dropping the buy price, these companies are able to capitalize on the incoming market flood. MImageakes sense to me!

Plus, if Tarmogoyf is any example of how this will play out, these companies stand to make some money off of the panic-induced selling. Everyone was confident Goyf would drop in price with the printing of MM1 and then subsequent printing in MM2.

While this may have happened initially, it didn’t hold true for long. A Future Sight Tarmogoyf is currently $189.00. An MM1 one is $155, and an MM2 one is $148.

Remember, people often like the older art for cards. I know I do.

Patrick Cossel is the publisher of The Forge Herald. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com






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