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The Bastards of Erebus-Session #2

Last Thursday, I attempted to guide my party through the rest of the sewer depths, hoping that the story would unfold in a great fashion, and on we would go to finding Arael! I was wrong….kinda. I’ll start from the beginning of the night.

It was a rough start. No one could get on task, and the most notable problem seemed to be the lack of interest in the story. That’s the biggest problem I’ve noticed with playing from a book. Paizo does a great job creating a universe for these characters, but without an applicable backstory, the characters seem to be thrown in and therefore lack interest in the story at hand. Apparently backstory is remarkably important in this case.

So, the party decides to continue on through the sewers and kill another group of Hellknights (easy one hit wonders by the catfolk barbarian) and then a swarm of bugs (two hits, even after I embellished its stats a bit…like a 20 AC).

Right after that, the party noticed something of my own design at the end of the sewers, a zombie. Not a zombie in its right mind though, but just a really creepy one that had a massive chain keeping it at bay. Behind it was a box. The party can’t help but see what’s in a box, but they practice some restraint due to the protections spells guarding this creepy zombie who didn’t move. All he did was stare at the party, and they tried to decide whether or not to kill it.

When they finally decided to leave it alone, the leader of the resistance group that was recruiting them helped them into the church where the resistance was stationed. The group was also given the history behind the zombie in the sewers, as they called him “The Janitor.” Apparently he’d been there for a few hundred years, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Or move. Ever.

The next step was meeting the rest of the resistance, which was scripted in a classic fashion of the old times. It was written that the group would be wearing red armbands whenever doing their resistance’s work, which the party easily took to comparing to the rise of Hitler.

Needless to say, the party lost all hope for helping them at this point. They also decided the name of the group would be the Pegacorns of Doom. Don’t get me wrong, I love this mythical animal my wife and I had made up, but I just don’t think the party would take the rest of this campaign seriously.

So now, I’m at a crossroads. The party has basically asked me to create my own campaign (apparently a vote of confidence in my creativity?), but I was trying to actually follow the work already written by professionals.

Let me know what your thoughts are below!


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One Response “The Bastards of Erebus-Session #2”

  1. Phil
    February 16, 2016 at 10:20 am

    The importance of a character’s backstory to the overall campaign story you are jointly trying to create can be critical for getting characters involved, engaged, and invested; especially at the beginning of a complex adventure path. Did any of them utilize the free Council of Thieves Player’s Guide during their character creation? If not, it might not be too late to look at it and see if it can be helpful in generating more interest in the current adventure.
    If you do decide to bag this particular AP, it might then be a good idea to look for a simpler one-shot adventure module that can be more easily customized.

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