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Six cards we would love to see reprinted in Eternal Masters 2016

In keeping with tradition, Wizards of the Coast has announced another summer set that will force all Magic players to surrender their paychecks for a few weeks.

Announcing Eternal Masters!

Eternal Masters will hit the shelves on June 10, 2016, and be available online on June 17, 2016. This 249-card set will feature some of the most well-known (and highly sought after) cards in Magic’s history. Well, anything that isn’t on the reserve list that is. That’s right folks, no dual lands. Eternal Masters will have an MSRP of $9.99. Do not be surprised if your LGS marks it up, much like Modern Masters 1.

We will, however, get a reprint of Wasteland and Force of Will. Wait… Wasteland is getting reprinted? Damn! I just finished my playset! I should have waited.

Oh well, then_f9e7rFQpkce reprint will en_eu6h6a9zJXfeature new art and, we all know, the old art is better. Right? I sure think so.

The artwork for Force of Will is new, too. Thankfully WotC commissioned artist Terese Nielsen to once again craft an amazing piece for the card. For those of you who don’t know, Ms. Nielsen is the artist for the original FoW. She is also one of my favorite (Read that as most favorite) Magic artists.

Here is a picture of my altered FoW cards done by Nielsen.

11037818_10152790191602876_631758876473410095_nWith Eternal Masters dropping, the Magic community is buzzing with speculation about what is going to be in this set. So, here are some cards we would love to see!

81hoWFvZesL._SY355_First up, Dark Depths. Dark Depths has been an amazing staple in the Legacy tournament circuit for quite a while. This awesome card from Coldsnap is banned in Modern and carries a price tag of $52.26 on tcgplayer.com. Dark Depth is a key card in the Legacy Lands deck and is a favorite of Commander players. We could absolutely see this getting reprinted.

Rishadan Port – Recently rereleased as a judge foil, Rishadan Port is a Legacy staple. It, like Dark Depths and even Wasteland, is very popular in several decks. Most notably the above mentioned Lands deck. It currently has a Rishadan_Portmedian price of 89.66 on tcgplayer.com

Karakas – Wow… this is the third land we’ve mentioned. I think we like lands! Seriously though, lands are expensive and there are some really good lands! Karakas is the plague of Reanimator players. What’s that? You have Griselbrand on turn two? Well, thankfully I played a Karakas last turn. Get that thing out of here! Another staple to Legacy, Karakas has a price tag of about $150 on tcgplayer.com

Let’s look outside of lands.

Umezawa’s Jitte – To be honest, I didn’t get the hype of this card. I thought it was just so-so. Then I played with it. Yep, it’s awesome. Jitte is usually played in Esper Stoneblade and Maverick. It can absolutely take over games. Originally printed in Betrayers of Kamigawa, Jitte has only been reprinted as a GP promo (median price $55) and has a price of about $30.

Counterbalance – Counterbalance is one of the key cards in the Counter-Top combo of the Miracles deck. Its power comes from the fact most Legacy decks have low casting cost cards that are counter-able by Counterbalance. To be truthful, when you tell your friends you are looking for a copy of Counterbalance, don’t be surprised when you hear, “Come on, don’t be that guy.” Yep, I was that guy. Like Dark Depths, Counterbalance was printed in Coldsnap. It has a median price of about $15.

Stoneforge Mystic – I am pretty sure the entire Magic community thought this card was going to be unbanned in Modern. Especially since it was released as the current Grand Prix Stoneforge+Mystic+%5BPRM-GPP%5Dpromo (if anyone has one they would like to trade, hit me up!) Played in the likes of Esper Stoneblade and Maverick, Stoneforge Mystic has made a name for herself, that’s for sure – it is one of the few cards to receive an emergency banning when it was Standard legal. The price for Stoneforge Mystic shot up when speculators thought to corner the market in preparation for an unbanning to $45. She has since settled to a median price of $30.


So there you go, six cards we would love to see reprinted in Eternal Masters. Of course there are plenty of others to add to this list, Mana Drain, Zendikar Fetches, Crucible of Worlds, Deathrite Shaman, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, etc, but we decided to keep it to six.


Is there something you would like to see reprinted? Leave a comment below.





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