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Review: Munchkin Cthulhu

We love playing games at The Forge Herald headquarters and last night was no exception.

We kicked off the night defeating Forbidden Island and followed with a quick game of Exploding Kittens (NSFW Edition).

pic162995_mdWe ended with Munchkin: Cthulhu.

Munchkin: Cthulhu is a stand-alone edition of the popular Munchkin game created by Steve Jackson Games.

Instead of the game being loosely based on a Dungeons and Dragons-style world, the players are dropped into the Cthulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft. Of course, everything has a Munchkin twist.

Fans of the Munchkin game will see no real difference in play, just a difference in art and equipment. After all, it’s not every day you get to equip the Necronomicon and use it to fight monsters.

Set up is done just like any other Munchkin games. First, you shuffle the Treasure deck and the Monster deck, then you deal out the appropriate number of cards and play.

The goal is to reach level 10 first. This is done by defeating monsters, playing cards, or selling equipment.

You fight monsters by either drawing them from the Monster deck (kicking down the door) or playing them from your hand (Look for Trouble.)

Then based on the monster’s level, you determine who wins. So, for example, you Kick Down the Door and reveal a level 10 Monster. Your base level is 2 (because you’re level 2) then you add your bonuses from equipment and other cards to your level to see if you can go above the monster’s.

If you do, you win! If not, well, then the bad stuff happens.

But watch out! Other players can mess with you while you face a monster. They can play cards to kick up the monster’s level to make it too great for you toFullSizeRender overcome.

And, if you’re lucky, players can assist you in defeating a high-level monster. Usually, this comes with a price.

Munchkin: Cthulhu is Munchkin. It just adds more flavor to an already entertaining game.

The game works well with 2 players and gets, even more exciting, with six. Game time can be pretty short (30 minutes) or lengthy in bigger games.

The suggested age for the game is 10 and up and we would agree with this.

Munchkin: Cthulhu, like any other Munchkin game, is pretty much a must have in your gaming collection.


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