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Hearthstone Update – What to do after hitting 500

It is almost done! My quest for 500 wins should come to an end this week. Unless, of course, I go on a hard core losing streak – this is completely possible. Current wins stand at 479.

As much as I have enjoyed Patron Warrior I have to say I think it has run its course. So many decks just know how to get around it. So, after I hit my Gold Warrior status I need to explore a new deck to play.

First, though, I want to push for higher ranks for the February season. My deck for this will be Secret Paladin.22394

Secret Paladin just wins. That’s all there is to it. My worst match-ups are against Warlock, Druid, and Shaman. Everything else seems to go by pretty fast.

Against my worse match-ups, the only thing I can do is try to beat them down quickly. Give a druid enough time and suddenly you are getting double Savage Roared by a bunch of 2/2 treants. Which typically spells your demise.

Against Warlock it’s much the same – kill them fast. If you don’t they will summon Reno and you will have to start the beat down all over again. While it is entirely possible to do this, if Reno came into play late, you might not have much gas left. Then you’re sitting there sucking air while Reno and Company pound your face into the sand. Brutal.

That brings us to Shaman. This one I am still trying to figure out. I thought my focus needed to be on preserving my life, but they have so many burn spells they can just burn you out. Or, they have the ability to pump up their hero and give him Windfury to destroy you. Shaman seems brutal. Maybe I should practice with Shaman.

Looking over what to work to 500 next, I have some options.

When I first start27493ed playing Hearthstone I was keen on druid decks. This means I have a druid deck with just over 200 wins. It seems to me this would be the logical choice.

Of course there is the Secret Paladin. I pretty sure I have close to 50 wins with this deck currently. And, as I try to get some rank this month with SP, I will undoubtedly have plenty more wins to add to the total. So perhaps this is the route to go.

I do have Golden Monkey Priest, too. Side Note: What is with all the iterations of Golden Monkey decks I have been seeing. Seriously, I am seeing Monkey for every Hero type.

My issue with Golden Monkey priest is the games are long and grinding. The appeal to Hearthstone for me is I can play several games quickly. GMP makes it so I can’t.

So yeah, options.

Got some suggestions I should try? Want to see a deck in action? Let me know and I will record some game play for you. Until next week!



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