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Hearthstone Update: Patron Warrior is retired

It is official – Patron Warrior is being retired! On Saturday, needing just two wins, I hit my goal of 500 wins. Thank goodness. I was burned out on this deck.

With hitting the golden warrior level, I decided I needed to try and push another hero to 500 wins. I think this time I am going to do Paladin. Mostly, I will do this with Secret Paladin unless something better comes along.

So, for tracking sake, I am at 42 wins. That’s a long way to go to 500 but I am optimistic.

I want to try and avoid burnout so I think I will build another deck to break up the monotony.  And, going against everything I have said, I think I am going to build a Warlock deck. No, not a RenoLock deck, that would be heresy. #banReno

I think the Warlock deck I want to build is the one being used by Pro Player, Tars, of France.

Tars’ deck is a ZooLock deck. It reminds me of the Zoo-type decks in Magic: The Gathering, which I enjoy.

Here is the decklist

 ZooLock by Tars

Power Overwhelming x2

Flame Imp x 2

Voidwalker x 2

Curse of Rafaam x 1

Dark Peddler x 2

Imp Gang Boss x 2

Void Terror x 1

Imp-losion x 2

Doomguard x 2

Abusive sergeant x 2

Dire Wolf Alpha x 1

Haunted Creeper x 2

Ironbeak Owl x 1

Knife Juggler x 2

Nerubian Egg x 2

Brann Bronzebeard x 1

Defender of Argus x 2422

Loatheb x 1

513I want to point out this is one of the few decks not cramming in a Dr. Boom. I am ok with that.

For the most part, this deck is just packed full of quality creatures with quality spells mixed in. Having faced this deck archetype a few times, I know the potential. It should be fun!

I noticed that Knife Juggler and Leper Gnome are being reviewed for possible nerfing. I am not at all surprised by Knife Juggler. That’s a card that can absolutely take over a game. I am surprised, however, by Leper Gnome. I think the card is good, but don’t think it is too powerful. What do you think?



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