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Brago is dead! New Conspiracy set name changed

So apparently something happened and Brago got killed. I assume, since Brago is a ghost, someone called the Ghostbusters? No clue. So, with Brago dead, WotC has changed the name of the new Conspiracy set to Conspiracy: The Empty Throne. Conspiracy: The Empty Throne has the same concept as Conspiracy: Brago’s Reign, just a new

Hearthstone Update: Patron Warrior is retired

It is official – Patron Warrior is being retired! On Saturday, needing just two wins, I hit my goal of 500 wins. Thank goodness. I was burned out on this deck. With hitting the golden warrior level, I decided I needed to try and push another hero to 500 wins. I think this time I

WotC announces new Conspiracy set

As a fan of the MtG set, Conspiracy, Wizards of the Coasts’ latest announcement thrills me to no end. Announcing Conspiracy: The Reign of Brago! This is sweet! If you played when Conspiracy was released, then I am sure you have a tale or two about a Conspiracy draft that went awry. After all, that’s

Bastards of Erebus #3-Arael Goes Bonkers

Last week I had mentioned how the group seemed to grow restless playing the adventure path. To resolve this problem, I took the party through an adventure I planned out. I’m more used to home brew campaigns, since that’s basically all I’ve ever played. Even in the odd shift of events, it ended up being

Wizards responds to alleged EM Master List, buy list prices drop

In the last couple of months, Wizards of the Coast has been forced to release public statements for a number of issues. Most recently regarding their new set Eternal Masters scheduled to be released in June. Read it here. Unless you are living under a rock or don’t have social media, I would wager you

Hearthstone Update – What to do after hitting 500

It is almost done! My quest for 500 wins should come to an end this week. Unless, of course, I go on a hard core losing streak – this is completely possible. Current wins stand at 479. As much as I have enjoyed Patron Warrior I have to say I think it has run its

The Bastards of Erebus-Session #2

Last Thursday, I attempted to guide my party through the rest of the sewer depths, hoping that the story would unfold in a great fashion, and on we would go to finding Arael! I was wrong….kinda. I’ll start from the beginning of the night. It was a rough start. No one could get on task,

Six cards we would love to see reprinted in Eternal Masters 2016

In keeping with tradition, Wizards of the Coast has announced another summer set that will force all Magic players to surrender their paychecks for a few weeks. Announcing Eternal Masters! Eternal Masters will hit the shelves on June 10, 2016, and be available online on June 17, 2016. This 249-card set will feature some of

Print Isn’t Dead

I’ve been a bit of a gamer for pretty much most of my teen years and into my adult life. I’ve played a lot of games over the years, and a lot of them have been computer games. I actually bought my desktop just to run WoW (World of Warcraft). Unfortunately, I found that the

New set makes big splash at Pro Tour: Oath of the Gatewatch

The Eldrazi have taken over the world! At least, it seems that way after Pro Tour: Oath of the Gatewatch this weekend. Congrats to Jiachen Tao who ended up winning with a Blue-Red Eldrazi build. Pro Tour:OGW was held in Atlanta on Feb. 5-7.  This Modern PT was the first big Modern tournament since the

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