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Review: The Resistance

Intrigue, deception, and straight-up lying. How is this fun for a game night? Well, if you’re playing The Resistance, it’s all a part of the game.

Designed by Don Eskridge and produced by Indie Boards and Cardsbox_-_2nd_edition, The Resistance is a multi-player game (up to 10 people) set in a dystopian future. The players represent The Resistance; however, there is a spy in the group.

Who is the spy? That’s what they are all trying to figure out.

Each turn the players go on a mission. The goal is to complete the mission, obviously, What the players do not know, is if there is a spy in their group.

The team is chosen by the leader (each player gets to be the leader). After the team is chosen, the rest of the players get to vote on the composition. If the composition is rejected, no one goes and a new team must be decided.

Seems easy enough, right? So how do you win?

As the team goes out on its mission, the team votes whether or not the mission succeeds. Resistance members are required to always vote for success, spies… not so much. They can vote either way. This is helpful for the spies as the composition of the mission varies in number. If a spy is chosen to go on a two-person mission, they may want to let it succeed. After all, they don’t want to give themselves away.

If the spies successfully foil three missions (this number changes based on the number changes based on the number of people playing the game.), The Resistance loses. If, instead, the Resistance wins three missions, they win!

The Resistance is designed for 5-10 players. With the number of players being so high, it makes for an excellent party-type game.

Game play is anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. We have played five times and have yet to see a game go longer than 45-minutes. I suspect, with a larger group, it is very likely.

Set-up is a breeze: You put the main board in the middle of the table, pass out the character cards, decide who will be leader first, then play!

There are several expansions for the game, too, which of course adds to the flavor. There is also a variant of the game, Avalon, which puts the players in the world of King Arthur.

We, at The Forge Herald highly recommend this game. Not only is it fun to play with your normal gaming group, it is a blast to play as a family. It’s kinda interesting to see how fast your kids turn on you and their siblings.

So check it out! We know you will enjoy it.

Patrick Cossel is the publisher of the Forge Herald. He can be contacted at pcossel@gmail.com

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