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PipBoy 3000

IMG_0623PipBoy. A wrist-worn device used in the games Fallout 3 thru New Vegas. A PipBoy allows you to check your stats, appearance, and other necessary things while playing the game. So how do we take it outside of the game and bring it to reality?

Aydin, a 13-year-old aspiring cosplayer, decided he wanted to give it a try.




Supply list

Black foam board

4 screws

toothpaste cap

2 bottle caps from two-liter bottles

three lego studs (black)

electrician’s tape

1 sheet cardstock

pencil (for adding details on the dials)

Exacto knife


Hot glue gun and sticks


The first thing Aydin did was watch a series of videos on Youtube created by Yoplatify.

Next, he drew the stencils using a pencil on the card stock. In order to create the stencils correctly, Aydin suggests using the phone and trace around it on your cardstock to get an accurate fit.

Following all the steps on part one of the tutorial, Aydin was able to construct the monitor holding area of the PipBoy. The second tutorial assisted Aydin in adding all the detail to the faceplate. This uses the bottle caps, toothpaste caps, and screws.

Next, taking foam, Aydin wrapped it around his arm holding it until it started to bend into shape.

The third tutorial saw the formation of the armband and putting it all together. Slipping his Samsung Galaxy S6 into the smart phone housing area, Aydin’s PipBoy 3000 sprang to life.

In total, it took roughly three and a half hours to complete the project. Partially because Aydin had to stop and search up materials – remember to have everything you need before starting!

Finally, to make it all come together, download the PipBoy App from Bethesda studios.

And that’s it! Your PipBoy is complete! Well, almost. Aydin still needs to add a touch of paint to finish off. That will be done later.





© 2016, Patrick Cossel. All rights reserved.

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One Response “PipBoy 3000”

  1. Kathy Ashland
    January 3, 2016 at 5:23 am

    That is awesome Aydin!!

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