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Pathfinder Adventures: The Bastards of Erebus Part 1-Intro

PZO9025_500This week, I’ll be starting a campaign based on the adventure path The Bastards of Erebus, which is Paizo’s first adventure path using Pathfinder rules.

It is repeatedly touted that you can cross over from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder during the introduction, and having done so previously, I can tell you that it’s not a problem.

The setting is pretty simple-you’re a bunch of rebels who are trying to take down a corrupt government. YAY! The reading for this gets pretty in depth, as all adventure paths do, so be prepared to get your nerd on just to crack the book open. Also, make sure you aren’t sleepy. It can be a bit hard to follow, so make sure you are fully awake.

I’ve never been a DM before. Well, I did try it once back in college, but that doesn’t count, right?

Being a DM can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. We’ve used the same DM for pretty much all of our campaigns, and finally, I said I wanted to try. I have crap luck, so that is a great advantage for the players, as I suspect I’ll be rolling more than my fair share of critical failures for all the monsters they will be facing in the near future. I do hope to add a player’s perspective to this endeavor, and with enough skill, I can weed out some of the unnecessary elements of this adventure to make it flow a little better.

So far, all we have confirmed for party members is a Warpriest, which is a pretty sweet version of a cleric. I’ve never played one, but I look forward to seeing an interesting tweak on a cleric.

Hopefully, this one will be more useful than the ones I’ve played previously. Pathfinder’s use of subclasses really makes for an easily customizable character. If you can’t find a character worth playing in this game, you are playing the game wrong. Just wrong.

I’ll be giving periodic updates regarding this campaign as it is played. Please feel free to post comments and suggestions below! Happy gaming!

Here’s a link to the Paizo site for the adventure path.


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