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Hearthstone Update: Making a push to 500

I was away for the weekend at the Wyoming Press Association Annual Winter Convention this weekend so I wasn’t able to get much time on Hearthstone. Still, I was able to record a few wins throughout the week to push my win totals to 416 with the Patron Warrior deck.

I was feeling pretty good, on Sunday, as I was able to string several wins together to get some bonus stars. When I decided to log off I was at rank 11 with one star.

This morning’s play wasn’t as good as I would’ve liked it to be as I scored two wins but four losses. I am now back to Rank 12. Frustrating, especially when I keep losing to damn Reno Locks. I really hate Reno. #banReno

I plan to kick up the play this week as I am going to make a solid push to 500 wins. A335fter I hit that mark with Patron Warrior I will be looking for a new hero to push to the 500 mark. I am thinking I will be doing it with Priest. I do love the Golden Monkey deck.

I did construct a new Shaman deck this week. The only card I had to craft was Al’Akir. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Earth Shock x 2

Rockbiter Weapon x 2

Zombie Chow x 2

Flametongue Totem x 2

Haunted Creeper x 2

Totem Golem x 2

Hex x 2

Lightning Storm x 2

Mana Tide Totem x 1

Tuskarr Totemic x 2

Defender of Argus x 1

Piloted Shredder x 2

Azure Drake x 2

Thunder Bluff Valiant x 2

Fire Elemental x 2

Dr. Boom x 1

Al’Kir the Windlord x 1

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