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Hearthstone: Monday Morning update

By Patrick Cossel

No Reno this week! I couldn’t believe it! Wait… that’s not true. I faced Reno. Go figure. Thankfully it was only once and I was able to pull out the win. #BanReno

Hearthstone was a bittersweet experience this weekend. I was able to play a lot more than normal and pushed my wins over 400, but faced a lot of losses. Twice I found myself on multi-game losing streaks.

I started the weekend at rank 12. I fell to rank 16 and have fought my way back to rank 13, twice.

While I know I made plenty of play mistakes, the overall RNG seemed to be against me. On more than one occasion I started my games with spells only in my hand. Had I been playing anything but warrior this may have been good, but I wasn’t.

I actually had an opening had the read Inner Rage, Battle Rage, Inner rage, Battle Rage. You would think I would mulligan this hand away, right? The big problem here, it was my mulligan! Sheesh! I almost punched my monitor. Almost.184px-Raging_Worgen(95)

Still, I was able to score more than 30 wins for the week.

Still facing some burnout/tilt with my Patron Warrior deck, I was open to suggestions. A friend suggested I try out the OTK Warrior deck found on Hearthpwn. So I did.

This is a fun deck. While it plays a lot like Patron Warrior, it gives you another win condition with Raging Worgen. Swinging for 30 on one turn is pretty entertaining.

I also tried Trump’s Patron deck as suggested by The Bearded Hunter. This meant swapping out a couple of cards from my main Patron Deck for Korkron Elite.

130This version of the Patron deck is a little more explosive with the Elites. Dropping a Korkron Elite while having a Frothing Berserker in play and Death’s Bite about to trigger, is brutal. Brutal.

On the casual side of things, I continue to play the Golden Monkey deck. Again, this deck is a blast! Try it.

Nothing new with the Tempo Mage. Need to use it before too much dust builds up on it.

Hope the rest of you had fun with Hearthstone this week. Try not to let the RNG bug you too much!

Patrick is the founder and publisher of the Forge Herald. You can reach him at pcossel@gmail.com

© 2016, Patrick Cossel. All rights reserved.

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