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Review: The Resistance

Intrigue, deception, and straight-up lying. How is this fun for a game night? Well, if you’re playing The Resistance, it’s all a part of the game. Designed by Don Eskridge and produced by Indie Boards and Cards, The Resistance is a multi-player game (up to 10 people) set in a dystopian future. The players represent

Pathfinder Adventures: The Bastards of Erebus Part 1-Intro

This week, I’ll be starting a campaign based on the adventure path The Bastards of Erebus, which is Paizo’s first adventure path using Pathfinder rules. It is repeatedly touted that you can cross over from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder during the introduction, and having done so previously, I can tell you that it’s not a

Foiling a deck, is it worth it?

by Patrick Cossel To foil out a deck, or not to foil out a deck. That’s the question I find myself facing right now. Should I foil out my Ad Nauseam deck or not? Let’s take a look. Pros Damn, it looks good! Ok, time for a bit of truth here, I am not typically

Hearthstone Update: Making a push to 500

I was away for the weekend at the Wyoming Press Association Annual Winter Convention this weekend so I wasn’t able to get much time on Hearthstone. Still, I was able to record a few wins throughout the week to push my win totals to 416 with the Patron Warrior deck. I was feeling pretty good,

Play-By-Post vs. Real Life

  by Chock Schmidt Work schedules suck. Do you ever have a group of gamers that you absolutely can’t get together at the same time? I’ve always wanted to play a game of Pathfinder with Phil, but it was always a bit on the side of difficult due to when we were seeing each other,

Review: Forbidden Desert

Are you a fan of cooperative games? Did you experience the 2010 hit Forbidden Island and fell in love? Well, if so, you may need to try out Forbidden Desert: The Thirst for Survival. Released by Gamewright games in 2013 and designed by Matt Leacock (Forbidden Island, Pandemic) Forbidden Desert was released as the sequel to

Abzan with a twist of Eldrazi

With Oath of the Gatewatch releasing this Friday, the Standard format should see some possible changes. A host of new Eldrazi and Eldrazi-based cards have really added some excitement to what otherwise has been a rather dull format. For me, I am excited to dive back into Abzan. I know.. I know.. Abzan, yuck. But,

Modern: Retooling Ad Nauseam

Today we are taking a look at a deck I think is going to gain momentum now that Splinter Twin is gone – Ad Nauseam. This is, without a doubt, my favorite deck! Especially since every time I have played it my opponent seems stumped. Afterwards, they tell me they tested against a lot of

Hearthstone: Monday Morning update

By Patrick Cossel No Reno this week! I couldn’t believe it! Wait… that’s not true. I faced Reno. Go figure. Thankfully it was only once and I was able to pull out the win. #BanReno Hearthstone was a bittersweet experience this weekend. I was able to play a lot more than normal and pushed my

Lucky Dice

By Chock Schmidt Superstition is not based out of nothingness in RPG’s. Any player worth their can of Mountain Dew will tell you that dice can be lucky or unlucky, and that determines how much your character sucks, or how heroic they may be. After playing a game or two with a set of dice,

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