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Two Expeditions spoiled at WMC

By Patrick Cossel

On Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015, Wizards of the Coast spoiled two of the new Expeditions in the upcoming Oath of the Gatewatch at the World Magic Cup in Barcelona, Spain.

Speaking on coverage at the WMC, Ian Duke, (Wizards RandD) and Rich Hagon (Magic Commentator) spoiled Ancient Tomb and Forbidden Orchard. These two spoiled cards wrapped up the Oath of the Gatewatch preview weekend at the WMC.

Like Expeditions in Battle for Zendikar, the new Expeditions are foiled, have Zendikar-themed artwork, and are fully playable in limited.

Are you excited for Oath of the Gatewatch? We are!

Check out more in the video below.

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