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Hearthstone update: Murlocadin!

by The Merry (Angry) Dwarf

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Merry Yule, or whatever you celebrate. I hope you are all enjoying this season of family and friends.

It’s Monday! I guess it’s time for a quick Hearthstone update.

Lots of quests accomplished this week. In fact, I spent a lot of my playing time making sure I wrapped up all my quests. This, of course, translates to not spending a lot of time in ranked play on my Warrior deck and wracking up some gold.

With all adventures unlocked and complete, I have been spending my gold on packs. I keep hoping to pop a random Legendary card but, so far no luck.

Side note: I once watched a friend open a pack and score to legendary cards. He was stoked and I was shocked. Especially since he received the pack by completing the quest of watching someone win a game. I happened to be the someone he watched.

I did get to play around with a Murlock deck this weekend. It’s is something I messed with last weekend, briefly. This weekend, my friend and deck innovator, The Bearded Hunter, once again slipped me a deck list and suggested I give it a try.

So I built it, albeit minus a couple of key cards, and gave it a whirl against him. The end result was a lot of hilarity! Especially when I played back-to-back Anyfin Can Happen, the Paladin version. We both laughed a lot.

In ranked play I climbed up to Rank 14 notching my 276th win with my warrior deck. Remember, I am focusing on getting my warrior deck to 500 wins. This means, since reworking the deck I have added 86 wins to it. Keep in mind, I mostly play for about 30 minutes during the weekday and do my best to squeeze in a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Life and kids get in the way.

No real complaints on any of the decks I faced. I was even pleased with the pace of play from my opponents. I get pretty frustrated when people make every turn go to time, especially when there is no need to.

I am curious, dear readers, what do you spend your gold on? What is your preferred style of play?

Also, got a deck list you want us to try out? If so, email it to me at pcossel@gmail.com. I would be happy to give it a go.

And, as I always try to do, here is a deck list for you all to try out. This is the Murlock deck from The Bearded Hunter. He stresses this a For Fun list. Try it! I think you will get a kick out of it.


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