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Hearthstone Update: Hitting goals over the holidays

The Holidays have come and gone and I am finally recovering. I enjoyed laughing, drinking, and playing with a sword this weekend while also enjoying some time on Hearthstone.

My goal for the holiday weekend was to get 20 wins on my Warrior deck while subsequently knocking down all quests available to me. How did I do? Well, let’s take a look.

Christmas Eve saw me go from 280-285. Nothing major to report here. I faced your normal bout of Mech Mages, Dragon Warriors, and Secret Paladins. Christmas day I played some more. This time, I ran headfirst into three Reno decks. Seriously, this card needs to be adjusted. It’s just too good. I would imagine deck trackers are what push this card from good to great, though.

Of those, I defeated three of them. One player put Reno out when they were at 22 life. That seemed silly to me. The others used Reno in more dire of circumstances. Still, when it is played against me I can’t help but burst out into a stream of expletives.

Edwin_VanCleef(3)Saturday I met Edwin VanCleef for the first time. I was stunned. I have never faced this card before. Hell, I have never seen this card before! Suddenly I was staring down the barrel of an 8/8 and I had no answers for it. I lost.

VanCleef is apparently available in classic Hearthstone packs, an Arena award, or can be crafted. I don’t play Rogue so I never had a need/desire to look into Rogue-type characters. I don’t know if this was a one of a kind deck or if VanCleef is making a resurgence. Either way, it’s now on my radar.

Sunday I secured the last five wins I needed to hit 300 and ultimately my 20-win goal. In fact, as of this morning, I have added six more wins to the total making my win count 306. I am shooting for 335 before next Monday. My current rank is 13. My hope is to be at 11 before season’s end.

Outside of rank play I worked on crafting some Murlocs. The biggest one was the Murloc Warleader. I believe I have two Murlocs left to craft. I will need about 200 crafting dust to complete those.

I hope the Holidays were good to you all! Did you get some time to play Hearthstone? Are there any decks you are playing and want us to try out? Leave a comment below.

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    • pcossel
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