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Hearthstone update: A slow week

A slow week in Hearthstone for me this week. It seems the bustle of the month overtook me this week. Still, I was able to get some time in.

The final week of League of Explorers launched last week. Did you have any troubles getting through it? I piloted the Paladin Egg deck to sweep the entire wing with one loss – I lost to the final boss in the first game. I haven’t checked out the class challenges yet.

I did work on getting all of my quests done for the week, too.

As for rank play, not too much.

I did try the Eggs deck in rank play and was subsequently stomped. I ended up losing three ranks dropping all the way to rank 18. Not good!

Of the decks I did square off with, no Reno was played against me! I am pretty jubilant about this.

Still rocking the Patron Warrior deck. I didn’t play it much this past week; however, I am up to 253 wins. Still have a long way to go.

How was last week for everyone else?

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