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Game Review: Pandemic

by Patrick Cossel

Game night at the Forge Herald headquarters saw us once again teaming up in a cooperative game – Pandemic.

Pandemic is highlyimgres recommended by Forge Herald staffers and family members.

Designed for 2-4 players, Pandemic puts the players in a horrible situation – four diseases are threatening the world and the players must work to eradicate them. The only way to win? Cure all the diseases before seven outbreaks occur.

Each player takes on the role of a character. Roles are determined randomly with each having special abilities. Then, during their turn, each player takes four actions. These actions can be move, trade information, cure disease, build a research station and more.

At first, we felt pretty confident that we were going to beat this game. We were using the abilities of the characters to our advantage and felt like we had things under control. Then, slowly, we lost South America. Europe followed, with North America on its heels.Pandemic

With six outbreaks occurring we knew our chances were pretty slim, but we had to keep going.

As I wrapped up my turn I drew my two cards from the player deck. Slowly I revealed the cards and cringed as I flipped over San Francisco. San Francisco already had three disease cubes and now suffered an outbreak. With that being the last outbreak we could suffer, we lost the game.

Overall we had a blast with this game. Much like other games designed by designer Matt Leacock (Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Island) we liked this because we got to work together instead of actively trying to defeat each other.

The game is incredibly easy to set up and, after a couple of turns, incredibly easy to play. This is deceptive as it isn’t incredibly easy to win.

The game is the winner of Best New Family Game 2009 from GAMES Magazine, and Best Expansion 2009 (Pandemic: On the Brink from Golden Geek Award.

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