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Questing for Legendary

A new series about the Hearthstone game by Blizzard Entertainment

By The Angry Dwarf

I have had it! I mean it! I am sick and tired of dealing with secret Paladins, Mages and Hunters. It’s official, I can not stand secret decks! Argh!

This past weekend I decided to re-work my Warrior deck. For months, I seem to struggle to do any better than rank 18. This confuses me. How is it, with my understanding of card games (I also play Magic: The Gathering) I can’t wrap my head around this one?

Clearly I am doing something wrong, so a rework was in order.

I took out a few cards, added some others, crafted a couple, and even had to finish a wing of Naxxramas to get Death’s Bite. Clearly I have been slacking.

So, with the deck finished and my rank at 19, I logged into ranked play. Roughly thirty minutes later I was at rank 16. Not too bad, I thought.

Last night I decided to see if I could get to rank 15 or better. I won the first three matches, filling up my star requirement making it so I needed one more win to cross the threshold. An hour later I was back to rank 17 and was through screaming at the monitor. Besides, I needed to get to Gamestop to pick up Star Wars: Battlefront.

Any suggestions? I sure would like to get past rank.


Here’s my decklist.

The Angry Dwarf’s Warrior deck

Currently 190 wins

Inner Rage x 2

Execute x 2

Whirlwind x 2

Fiery War Axe x 2

Battle Rage x 2

Slam x 1

Armorsmith x 2

Cruel Taskmaster x 1

Unstable Ghoul x 1

Acolyte of Pain x 2

Frothing Berserker x 2

Death’s Bite x 2

Dread Corsair x 1

Piloted Shredder x 2

Grim Patron x 2

Loatheb x 1

Emperor Thaurissan x 1

Justicar Trueheart x 1

Grommash Hellscream x 1


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One Response “Questing for Legendary”

  1. Bearded Hunter
    November 20, 2015 at 4:55 am

    Everything else aside, that deck list is good enough to carry you into single digits. It’s probably a bit more challenging to play than most others, but it’s got a lot of good answers.

    I’m guessing that most of the losses probably come down to losing the fatigue battle versus slow decks, or having a slow start against aggro. The aggro thing probably comes down to the mulligan frequently: your only early game is Axe and Ghoul, since it looks like Taskmaster is a critical activator for combo pieces. The control thing is LOTS of card draw without any OTK possibilities, or cards that radically change the board state, like an empowered Revenge or Brawl.

    If I had to put my finger on something that might help out a bit, it would be a lack of focus in the deck. It’s generally solid, it has the core chassis for the modern patron warrior, but it still reminds me a lot of classic combo patron (Emperor, Frothings, Acolytes). But it’s ALSO got some control warrior features (Justicar, and I’d guess that’s why the Loatheb is there).

    The thing is that warrior seems to respond really well to tight focus. Emperor isn’t really doing anything for you in most games – a Sludge Belcher probably does more most of the time. From a power perspective, Boom probably gives you more than Justicar. It’s hard to justify Justicar when she’s primarily good for Warrior in really controlling decks.

    So I guess that’s all me saying that I’d pick some aspect of your deck to focus on just a bit more than you are, and run with that: go more aggro or more control.

    If it’s aggro – though really more hybrid, since ANY patron deck these days is kind of controlling – drop Emperor, Justicar, and Loatheb, and bring in Boom, a Belcher, and maybe a Revenge (though possibly instead of a Whirlwind there, though it could just be one more activator). A single CHARGE! could do you well.

    If you want to emphasize control, Brawl, Shield Slam, and Bash are good friends. In this scenario, Frothing doesn’t have a place, and Shredder probably doesn’t either. Shield Maiden would be a good replacement, ditto heavy hitters like Rags, Ysera, or Geddon. Reno, if you’re comfortable dragging every fight into fatigue, can be VERY good for those long matches.

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