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Archives for November 2015

Review: Fallout 4

By Matthew Warriner War… War never changes. It’s been seven years since Bethesda’s transformation of the Fallout franchise, from an isometric role-playing game (RPG), to the action RPG we know today. The Fallout franchise has opened expansive, post-apocalyptic worlds, from Southern California to Washington DC. Now, Fallout 4 has welcomed the player to Boston, an area

FNM: Scapeshift rebuilt FNM report

  By The Angry Dwarf I decided to mix things up at our Modern FNM, last night and play Scapeshift. Typically, I play Living End or Ad Nauseam, but Scapeshift seemed like a good idea. The 4-0 record seemed to indicate that it was. Now, I want to state before I go too far, the

Review: Forbidden Island

By Patrick Cossel Thursday nights has become to mean Game Night with my group of friends. Sometimes we play board games, other times Magic: The Gathering, and sometimes we just sit around and chat while enjoying a nice beverage or two. This Thursday was no exception as we sat down to play Forbidden Island. Produced

TCG Player Fall States – a tournament report

By The Angry Dwarf If you are anything like me, you traveled to play in a Magic: The Gathering states tournament this weekend. I’d wager most of you played at an SCG event? Not me. I was at a TCG Player event. Not for any reason other than it was the closest to me. In

Pathfinder: D&D Rethought

by Chock Schmidt As this is my first piece written for The Forge Herald, I’ll make my introduction now. My name is Chock Schmidt, I’ve been playing D&D/Pathfinder for about 15 years now, and have cherished every minute of it. While I’ve played with my best friend time and time again, I’ve also played with

The Forge Herald’s guide to safe and fair trading

There is an aspect of Magic: The Gathering that can be almost as much fun as playing, trading. I love trading. I really do. I think it is awesome when I am able to swap something with someone else to help fulfill their needs and my own. I love seeing other people smile at a

Wizards of the Coast announces Spring 2016 set

On Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, Wizards announced the spring 2016 Magic: the Gathering – Shadows Over Innistrad. The announcement was done during day one of Grand Prix Indianapolis and was accompanied by a 55-second teaser. The teaser doesn’t show us much but, it sure does leave a lot open for speculation. What has happened to

Jarvis Yu takes GP: Seattle

I have heard a few podcasters lament, “Legacy is Dead!” I have seen Facebook posts decrying, “Why are they destroying the best format!” Someone may want to tell Jarvis Yu. Yu ground his way to first place finish at Grand Prix Seattle, this weekend, piloting a lands deck. Oh, and the format? Legacy. Oh, and

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