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GP: Pittsburgh succumbs to the power of Splinter Twin

By Patrick Cossel (pcossel@gmail.com)

Piloting what is heralded as the best deck in Modern, Alex Bianchi takes down GP: Pittsburgh with Jeskai Twin, this weekend.

Bianchi fought his way through the top eight defeating Robert Cucunato (Affinity) and Robert Long (Blue Red Twin) before coming up against Affinity player Aaron Webster.

Webster had previously defeated pro player Craig Wescoe (GW Aggro) and Thien Nguyen (Titan Scapeshift) to move into the finals.

Game one quickly went to Webster as he beat down the Twin deck with little concern.

Poised to win it all, Webster’s deck seemed to get moving quickly as Bianchi found himself stuck on three lands.

It seemed Bianchi was happy with this as he shipped several lands to the bottom of his deck after scrying with serum Visions. Bianchi slowed the Affinity deck down as he played Stoney Silence on turn 4.

Bianchi continued to ship lands to the bottom of his deck while keeping his hand full of removal spells (Lightning Bolt, Electrolyze, and Path to Exile) and Snapcaster Mage.

This strategy paid off as he scryed a Lightning Bolt on top, drew it, cast it, cast Snapcater Mage in the main and flashbacked the Bolt for the win. Good thing as he was staring the down the barrel of lethal infect next turn.

Game three was over much quicker as Bianchi again found himself looking at lethal infect damage the following turn but won off of a beautifully set up Serum Vision scry that left Splinter Twin on top. This allowed him to combo off the next turn for the win.

To see the full list of the top 8 decks, click here.


UR Twin

Alex Bianchi

Creatures (14)

1 x Wall of Omen

4 x Snapcaster Mage

4 x Deceiver Exarch

1 x Pestermite

1 x Vendillion Clique

2 x Restoration Angel

1 x Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker


4 x Serum Visions

4 x Lightning Bolt

4 x Path to Exile

2 x Spell Snare

1 x Dispel

1 x Electrolyze

1 x Cryptic Command


3 x Splinter Twin


4 x Scalding Tarn

4 x Flooded Strand

3 x Steam Vents

1 x Hallowed Fountain

1 x Sacred Foundry

3 x Island

1 x Mountain

1 X Plains

1 x Sulfur Falls

1 x Cascade Bluffs

3 x Celestial Colonnade

© 2015, Patrick Cossel. All rights reserved.

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