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Questing for Legendary – Wrapping up November

By The Angry Dwarf So as the Hearthstone season comes to an end for Nov. 2015, I am pleased with my overall performance. Nope, I didn’t hit Legendary (never figured I would) but I did reach a lower rank than I have previously – the rank of 13th. When I first lamented my failings at

Adventure Paths-The New Money Machine

By Chock Schmidt Staff Writer First, I’d like to apologize for the delay in getting this article to you. I’ve had a string of bad luck recently. Between a death in my wife’s family, falling unconscious in my basement and subsequently being taken to the hospital after being found by my father, job hunting, and

GP: Pittsburgh succumbs to the power of Splinter Twin

By Patrick Cossel (pcossel@gmail.com) Piloting what is heralded as the best deck in Modern, Alex Bianchi takes down GP: Pittsburgh with Jeskai Twin, this weekend. Bianchi fought his way through the top eight defeating Robert Cucunato (Affinity) and Robert Long (Blue Red Twin) before coming up against Affinity player Aaron Webster. Webster had previously defeated pro

Review: Star Wars Battlefront

As many of you know, unless you don’t pay attention to video games, the last two weeks have seen some massive releases. On Nov. 17 Star Wars Battlefront hit shelves while the week before saw the releases of Black Ops 3 and Fallout 4. What an exciting time for gamers! At my house, my boys

War Journal (Fallout 4)

Editor’s Note: War Journal is a series written by Matthew Warriner. It will document his time playing Fallout 4. 18th of November – 2287 This city. It can be overwhelming at times. One street corner fortified by raiders or gunners. The next by mutants. Snipers perched up high. Ghouls or mole rats ambush from the ground.

Munchkin Marvel edition coming Spring 2016

by Patrick Cossel Munchkin fans prepare to do battle as one of your favorite Marvel superheroes! USAopoloy has announced Munchkin Marvel Edition, slated to drop April 2016. The game will mix together the classic card games with iconic characters of the Marvel universe. According to the press release, the game is created under license from Steve

Shannara Chronicles releases five new videos

Fans of Terry Brooks‘ Shannara series were treated, today, as MTV’s Shannara Chronicles released five new videos highlighting key characters in the upcoming series. Check out the video introducing Allanon, Will, Aberle, Eventine, and Eretria.    

Questing for Legendary

A new series about the Hearthstone game by Blizzard Entertainment By The Angry Dwarf I have had it! I mean it! I am sick and tired of dealing with secret Paladins, Mages and Hunters. It’s official, I can not stand secret decks! Argh! This past weekend I decided to re-work my Warrior deck. For months, I

Wheaton’s Law And It’s Application-How It is And How It Should Be

  By Chock Schmidt “You really suck at this.” I’ve had this said about me about a hundred or so times over the years. I’ve gotten invited to play some new game with a new group of people and I had no clue what I was doing while they were all masters of it. Eventually,

Taking Legacy Miracles out for a spin

By The Angry Dwarf My friend, Mr. Z, and I have decided we want to hit a Legacy Magic tournament this coming weekend. Our local Legacy community is not that strong, so we will be forced to travel about 150 miles. This, of course, depends on the weather here in northern Wyoming. This will be

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