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Golden Druid

Finally hit gold with my druid deck. Made some changes to the deck though so I thought I would post a deck list for everyone.         Innervate x 2 Enchanted Raven x 2 Living Roots x 2 Darnassus Aspirant x 2 Druid of the Saber x 2 Mark of Y’Shaarj x 2

Board Games

Review – Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas

Are you a fan of Munchkin? Are you a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas? Well, you should love Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas! With most of our gamers having to miss our weekly game night, we decided to keep it simple and play a game we already know, Munchkin. Only, we wanted to keep it Halloween

Magic: The Gathering

Aether Revolt Masterpiece Speculation

by Zane Rowland So we’re still a few months out from Aether Revolt, but today I thought I’d write about something that got the Magic community very excited with the release of Kaladesh, and is sure to have everyone blowing gaskets again when the Aether Revolt spoils start rolling out. I’m talking about the Masterpiece Series, and

Role Playing Games

Let’s play Dungeons and Dragons!

So you decided you want to try and play Dungeons and Dragons, but you have no idea where to start. And who can blame you! There is so much to choose from! So let’s take a look at the options and figure out what exactly you need to play. First of all, if you have

Board Games

Review: Betrayal at House on the Hill

It’s October! Since it is the month of Halloween we decided it would be fun to keep with the Halloween spirit and play “horror-based” games. So far, we have played Castle Ravenloft and Pandemic: Cthulhu. Last night, we kept it up and broke open Betrayal at House on the Hill for the first time. Betrayal

Board Games

Review: Pandemic – Reign of Cthulhu

Greetings fellow gamers! Chock here, and I’m currently writing to you from Copenhagen, Denmark regarding my travels and a new expansion of Pandemic called Reign of Cthulhu. As a person who will probably vote for Cthulhu in the upcoming presidential election, I became quite excited as we walked by Faraos Cigarer, a large gaming store

Magic: The Gathering

The Reaper King’s Army, a Commander deck

With Halloween around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to share with you my Halloween-themed Commander deck. The idea for this deck was born during a “Tribal” FNM our store, The Sports Alley was hosting. I typically play something along the lines of Kithkin and wanted something different. With that in

Board Games

1 year anniversary giveaway

Would you look at that, we are turning a year old. It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this for a year already. In celebration of our 1 year anniversary, we have decided to do a giveaway! All you need to do to enter is click the link below for a chance to

Role Playing Games

Going behind the screen – 5,4,3,2,1…Launch

Editor’s note: Going behind the Screen is a series written by Code Dube where he chronicles his transition from player to DM. Choosing how to start the adventure was next on the list. I am not a fan of the “you are all friends who have been fighting together for years” entrance to a campaign.

Board Games

Review: Castle Ravenloft

Does dungeon crawling, vampires, and dracolich, sound like an entertaining evening to you? If so, then you may want to check out Castle Ravenloft the Dungeons and Dragons board game published by Wizards of the Coast. Designed by Rob Heinsoo, Peter Lee, Mike Mearis, and Bill Slavicsek, with are by Jesper Ejsing, Jason Engle, Andrew

Video Games


How much research do you do on your games? by Nolan “Endruin” LaMeres I would never buy the complete guides or look at cheats until after I beat the game.  If I like it, I had to see what i missed.   Somewhere, sometime after years of MMO’s and trying to min/max and using forums to

Role Playing Games

Using Backstory-A DM’s Guide

Backstory is one of those things that I find is commonly overlooked by players. Most people just want to make their characters and start playing. When you are a DM though, it can be hard to create a world from scratch (if you are into that sort of self-harm like I am.) I haven’t spent

Magic: The Gathering

Paradoxical Filigree, Kaladesh hits Modern

by Zane Rowland Well guys, it’s that time again! A new set, a new plane, and lots of new cards! 264 of them to be exact! Last weekend a lot of you probably got a chance to participate in the prerelease and experience the power of some of these new cards in sealed. In just

Role Playing Games

Going behind the screen – Back to the Story

Editor’s note: Going Behind the Screen is a series where an experienced role player tackles becoming a DM for the first time. You can read the first part of this series, here.  by Cody Dube After weaving my story of the realm, it was time to get my players involved. I believe that no idea

Role Playing Games

Player’s Perspective: The Rat Pack-Session 1

Last week afforded a new opportunity to play as we decided to give fifth edition DnD a shot. One of our players had run a campaign with some of his coworkers using this system, and I had shown some interest in it after he gave me a synopsis of their campaign. Since I wanted a

Board Games

Review: Star Trek: Panic!

Red alert! The starship Enterprise is under attack! It’s time to Panic! Last night, at the Forge Herald gaming center we sat down to play the new game, Star Trek Panic. Designed by Justin DeWitt, Star Trek Panic was released earlier this year by Fireside Games and USAopoly. The game is a variation of the

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