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Review – Blood Rage

Grab your axes and spears, summon the sea monster, pray to Odin that you will find your place in Valhalla, for today, we play Blood Rage. Blood Rage is a 4-person game (expandable to five) designed by Eric Lang with art by Henning Ludvigsen, Mike McVey, and Adrian Smith. The game is published by CMON

Magic: The Gathering

Top 7 Aether Revolt cards impacting Modern

Check out the cards that didn’t quite make Zane’s list, here. Down with the Consulate! Down with Tezzeret’s corruption! The plane of Kaladesh is in full-scale revolt, and that means we’re getting a new batch of powerful cards to experiment and build with. Aether Revolt will be legal as of January 20th 2017 (Coincidence?) and

Magic: The Gathering

Top seven Aether Revolt Honorable Mentions for Modern

Two days before its official release, Aether Revolt is already making waves online. Players are talking about potential cards and even brewing entirely new decks that could spring up in Modern starting on Friday. On Thursday, I’m going to tell you what 7 Aether Revolt cards I believe hold the most potential for making an

Magic: The Gathering

Top five cards aspiring Legacy players should know

You’ve seen all the articles telling you how to get into Legacy. They tell you how you should research the decks and pick one that suits you. They tell you that, while expensive, Legacy is not unattainable. And, you know what, they’re right! We agree with them; however, we feel there is something else you

Magic: The Gathering

Aether Revolt pre-release 2HG

Aether Revolt pre-release has come and gone and, as I always do, I was able to take part in the 2HG event at our store. The store I play at, The Sports Alley in Sheridan, Wyoming, hosts two events each pre-release – a sealed event at midnight and a 2HG event the next day. I


Wickerflame is awesome!

It is possible I have found a new favorite Hearthstone card. What is it? Wickerflame Burnbristle. This guy is simply awesome. So, Wickerflame, is a 3-drop, Paladin only minion that debuted in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It is a 2/2 with Taunt and Divine Shield, and it has the ability “Damage dealt by this minion also

Magic: The Gathering

Rival’s Duel 75- 2017: Don’t Call it a Comeback!

Hello and welcome to 2017. Finally, it planet-wide cluster that was 2016 has finally come to a close and so does the awkwardness for Rival’s Duel. The world is looking good and we are back to providing the twice monthly content that you know and love. Before we can bravely ride into this new year,

Magic: The Gathering

Wizards announces B/R updates early

First time cards banned in Standard since Jace, the Mind Sculptor In a surprising announcement, Wizards of the coast announced the update to the banned and restricted list, today, January 9, 2016, a full week early. Not only is the announcement being early shocking, the cards that have been slammed with the ban hammer are

Board Games

Review – Pixel Glory

It was a night of monster killing and spell slinging as we settled in and played Pixel Glory for the first time. Instead of playing at The Forge Herald gaming center, we ventured out to a new pub in town, Luminous Brewing. It was great beer and an awesome atmosphere to play in. More about

Magic: The Gathering

Brewing with Zane: Modern Dragons

“…Into the land of trouble and anguish, from whence come the young and old lion, the viper and fiery flying serpent …” Isaiah 30:6 Into the land of trouble and anguish, we go folks! Today’s Modern brew comes straight from the Good Book itself. Although I’m not quite sure what this Biblical prophet of the

Board Games

Top games we played in 2016

In 2016 we played a lot of games. We played board games, card games, dice games, and computer games. We played games with friends, on tablets, and at tournaments. But what were the games we played the most? Here is a look at the top ten games we played in 2016. Mars Attacks: The Dice

Role Playing Games

Killing A Character-A Follow Up

Not long ago, Patrick posted about his campaign and how a certain Paladin ended up meeting his fate at the hands of the vampire, Strahd. Read the article here. The article points out how difficult it is to deal with character death, and actually how excited the player was that his character could finally go,

Role Playing Games

Role playing games changed my life

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by game design consultant, Andy Trowers. As a youngster, I was a regular player of games of imagination and wonder. Starting with first edition Dungeons and Dragons, my brother and I spent days and weeks lost in fantasy worlds. But as I got older, real life got

Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast

Brewing with Zane: Skred Experiments

Just in time for the holidays, here is a Modern Skred variant deck for anyone who thought Madcap Experiments from Kaladesh looked like a fun card to build a deck around. The Artifact we’re going to be Experimenting into with this deck is Platinum Emperion, a huge 8/8 fattie whose ability reads, “Your life total

Magic: The Gathering

Ban it! Ban it all!

We are still a few weeks off from the Aether Revolt and the subsequent B/R announcement but, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to speculate! We have taken the time to ask around our Magic communities to see what it was they think needs to be banned, and or, restricted. The answers we received were

Role Playing Games

How does your party deal with PC death?

The rain fell in a steady drizzle as the vampire made his attack on the party. The fireball lept from his pale hands, splashing down among the adventurers. The resulting explosion sent our party flying in every direction. The vampire transformed himself into a mist and appeared behind Vemmick, the barbarian. His first attack slammed

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