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Player’s Perspective: The Rat Pack-Session 1

Last week afforded a new opportunity to play as we decided to give fifth edition DnD a shot. One of our players had run a campaign with some of his coworkers using this system, and I had shown some interest in it after he gave me a synopsis of their campaign. Since I wanted a

Board Games

Review: Star Trek: Panic!

Red alert! The starship Enterprise is under attack! It’s time to Panic! Last night, at the Forge Herald gaming center we sat down to play the new game, Star Trek Panic. Designed by Justin DeWitt, Star Trek Panic was released earlier this year by Fireside Games and USAopoly. The game is a variation of the

Magic: The Gathering

Chaining a Blood Moon

Hey, Forge Herald fans! It’s time for another instalment of me answering your Magic rules questions. Also, if you have questions that need immediate answering, you should check out the Magic Judge tumblr. L3 Judge Charlotte Sable does an awesome job. Also, make sure you check out Cranial Insertion, too. Those guys are excellent as

Role Playing Games

Going behind the screen, Intro

By Cody Dube I have spent countless hours playing RPGs in my past – Shadowrun, Vampire: The Masquerade, and of course Dungeons and Dragons. Unfortunately, like many of us, the friends I played moved away as I grew up. I also made the leap and got married and had two children. With that, my time

Magic: The Gathering

Banned Restricted predictions for Oct. 1, 2016

Kaladesh is almost upon us and with it, we say good-bye to Dragons of Tarkir and Origins in Standard. There is also the potential that we will be saying good-bye to some cards in other formats, too. As we always do when we get a new set, we are going to give our thoughts to

Board Games

Review: Dastardly Dirigibles

Have what it takes to build the best airship in the skies? Well, now is your chance to find out as Professor Phineas Edmund Hornswoggle, world renown airship builder, has announced his retirement! In order to keep the fleet of airships in the skies, Hornswoggle has announced a competition to see which inventor can build

Board Games

Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop to part ways

On Sept. 9, 2016, board game producer, Fantasy Flight Games, announced the end of their partnership with miniature game giant, Games Workshop. The partnership between Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games began in 2008. Since that time the two have worked together to produced several titles under the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 universes. According

Magic: The Gathering

Devil’s Night – A Standard deck

Ahoy, Forge Herald readers! I’d like to share a delightful concoction I cooked up for Eldritch Moon Game Day but wound up leaving at home to play Blue/Red Fevered Visions Prowess instead. I’ve had to miss most of my local FNMs since for various reasons, but I was determined to play with devils before rotation

Magic: The Gathering

K.A.B. Sports cards and Collectibles PPTQ – A look from the floor

Another road trip for Zane and I as we headed out to Billings, Mont. To play in another PPTQ. Well, he played, I judged. The event was held in Billings, Mont. and the format was Modern. My intent was to play in this event. I had traded pretty hard to put Bant Eldrazi together and

Television and Film

Warhammer 40,000 The Lord Inquisitor prologue

The Lord Inquisitor is a fan-made, non-commercial movie set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Check them out on Facebook and be sure to watch this 8-minute prologue. It is so worth it. This project looks massive and very exciting.

Role Playing Games

One Shot Campaigns Vs. The Long Game-What do you play?

I remember one day in high school I was skateboarding out in front of my house out of boredom. Suddenly, a friend of mine pulls up and says “hey, get in the car, we’re doing a one-shot campaign at some dude’s house and you’re playing!” Of course, I’ve got nothing better to do so I


One Night in Karazhan – The Spire

The fourth and final wing of One Night In Karazhan, The Spire, opened this week giving Hearthstone adventurers three new bosses and lots of loot to acquire. This was, without a doubt the more difficult of the wings I have done, so hopefully this will help you get through it a little easier. Shade of

Role Playing Games

Min-Maxers: You Know Who You Are!

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Min-Maxing lately, and there’s a lot of people all for it. I’m a numbers guy, so I can fully appreciate the time and effort it takes to create these works of art. I’ve seen players spend days creating the perfect character, thumbing through feats, planning out exactly

Magic: The Gathering

Gillette PPTQ – A look from the bottom

Saturday was quite the day as Zane, Nolan, and I packed up the car and headed to Gillette, Wyo. To play in a PPTQ. While Zane and I walked away with less than stellar records, Nolan managed to place in the top 8. You can read all about that here. As for me, I finished


One Night in Karazhan – The Menagerie

Hearthstone adventurers are one step closer to saving Medhiv as The Menagerie went live the week of Aug. 26. The Menagerie features three bosses all of whom award you with new cards for your collection when you defeat them. The Curator The first boss you face is The Curator. The Curator is a bit nasty

Magic: The Gathering

Weekend in…MTG: Merfolk, Modern PPTQ Gillette

Editor’s Note: The Forge Herald congratulates Nolan on his first PPTQ top 8. Way to go!! by Nolan “Endruin” LaMeres Hey there Forge Herald Fans! Sorry, no video game this week, there was a PPTQ in Gillette, Wyo.  this weekend at Dungeons & Dugouts.  We planned on going to this event about two weeks ago.

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